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In this digital age, the presence of too many platforms, OS versions and different screen sizes is challenging for developers and testers, to release bug-free apps, on time. Moreover, specialized resources are required for writing different scripts for iOS and Android. Adding to the complexity is the Agile and DevOps world, wherein new features get developed and tested continuously. Test automation is getting increasingly adopted to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing.

RapidValue’s innovative test automation framework, AccuRate helps enterprises accelerate their app release while realizing significant business benefits.

  • Reduce Effort
    by 60%
  • Optimize Business
  • Decrease Total Cost
    of Ownership
  • Achieve Easy
  • Improve

AccuRate – Test Automation Solution Suite

AccuRate by RapidValue is a one-stop solution for test automation across various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Web) and desktop browsers, in real-time. It includes 600+ pre-built functions for mobile and web automation leveraging open source tools like Appium, Selenium and Protractor.

AccuRate provides rich features for test execution, test control and test management with data-driven and keyword-driven testing capabilities.

Technical Architecture


Key Features

Accelerated Testing

  • Zero-code Scripting: Keyword-driven approach and pre-built functions for automated test authoring.
  • All-in-one Test Script: Single script for all platforms (iOS and Android), browsers (Default iOS, Android, Chrome) and screen sizes (Phones and Tablets).
  • Eclipse Plugin: Faster script development.
  • In-built Library: Reusable test assets for mobile use cases like interruptions push notifications, offline state etc.

Seamless Integration

  • CI Servers: Jenkin, Hudson etc.
  • Defect Management Tools: JIRA, QC etc.
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD): Cucumber framework.

Robust DevOps

  • Parallel Test Execution Cloud: Script execution on Perfecto Cloud, AWS device farm, Sauce Labs.
  • On-premise Device Farm: Local device farm for simultaneous script execution on multiple devices.
  • Reusable Workflows: Automated deployments across multiple environments and platforms.

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