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Big data is the new buzzword in the technology world, especially in the IT industry, which refers to immense volume (in terabytes) of both, structured and unstructured, data and is too large to process, using the traditional database and software techniques. In most enterprise operations, the data (text, images, videos, documents) is massive to handle. Big data technology helps companies, improve operations, make faster and smarter decisions.

Earlier, the traditional relational databases and tools would suffice the daily operations and activity for large organizations. However, today’s databases are, not only, expected to be flexible enough to handle a variety of data formats, but, also, expected to deliver extreme performance and handle humongous data volumes. Enterprises are increasingly considering alternatives to legacy relational infrastructure. In some cases, the motivation is technical — such as, a need to scale or perform beyond the capabilities of their existing systems, while in other situations, companies are driven by the desire to identify viable alternatives to expensive proprietary software. A third motivation is agility or speed of development, as companies look to adapt to the market, more quickly, and embrace agile development methodologies. These drivers apply, both, to analytical and transactional applications.

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Empowering Big Data ‘Technologies’ & ‘Expertise’ for Enabling You with Quick Decisions

Big Data Offering To process this large amount of data for your enterprise and to help your CXOs access your data in a fast and timely manner, we provide you with:

  • Simple Data Discovery
  • Faster Data Processing
  • Secure Access & Sharing files
  • Superior Performance
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced TCO & Higher ROI

Platform Capabilities

RapidValue has a dedicated team of big data expertise, who has robust knowledge and are well equipped to provide you the right guidance, support and manage your big data applications, platform and solutions.

  • Big Data Offering
  • Big Data Offering
  • Big Data Offering
  • Big Data Offering
  • Big Data Offering
  • Big Data Offering
  • Big Data Offering

Services Overview

Leveraging Big Data through Database Management and Faster Processing

RapidValue provides insights on Big Data and end-to-end services to help you easily process your enterprise’s big data. The key services include: Big Data Offering Our Big Data management services are not limited to the above mentioned capabilities. If you’d like to get more information on our Big data offering, you can, please, write to We’d be happy to connect you to our big data management team.

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