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Extending Oracle Applications on Mobile Devices

by (April 16, 2014)
Oracle-RapidValue Event

Providing mobile access to Enterprise Applications has become more critical than before. With more evolution happening in the Mobile space, enterprises have been constantly attracted to include Mobile devices as a key part of their Enterprise Architecture. RapidValue along with Oracle and Avnet Technology Solutions will be conducing as workshop on “Extending Oracle Applications on mobile ...

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The Challenges in Field Service Management

by (April 8, 2014)
Field service management

In a world where every business is looking to cut costs, increase efficiency and move ahead of competition, field service management becomes critical as it plays an important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Field service management however have its own unique challenges as its operations are spread across vast territories and resources are distributed in different locations. Let us ...

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Plotting the Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem

by (April 3, 2014)
Integrated Approach to Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem

Enterprise mobility adoption is taking off in leaps and bounds, there are still many businesses figuring out where this new piece of IT could fit into their plans. Over the next few months every business – small or big, would start appreciating the benefits that mobile technologies bring to their business operations. The extent of their excitement towards this new technology would entirely depen...

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Google Android Wear and Field Service

by (March 24, 2014)

Android wearable devices market may have had a modest start but that does not seem to deter the global mobile giants from entering the market. Samsung is already in the market. Moto 360 has just come in. These are early days for Android Wear (the first operating system made exclusively for smartwatches) but we could still think about a lot of things that could find real-world applications. Technol...

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Mobilizing Your Legacy Systems & Web Applications: The Multi-Channel Way

by (March 19, 2014)

Technology has advanced in many ways, and every industry – telecom, retail, financial services, education, logistics, healthcare, and entertainment is getting impacted. More recently logistics and manufacturing companies understand the significance to go mobile. The latest trend in enterprise i.e. to mobile enable workforce is driving decision makers to implement mobile applications across e...

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How to Evaluate a Mobile Test Automation Tool for your Application?

by (March 17, 2014)

After you have built your mobile application, before it is deployed on the Apps stores for the end-user, the mobile application needs to be tested thoroughly for its performance. Many times test engineers are concerned on which mobile test automation tool is best to test their application. This article provides a recommended checklist for selecting a mobile test automation tool. There are s...

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Five Reasons: Why HR Applications should go Mobile?

by (March 6, 2014)

Mobile has become an integral part of our life. To improve staff productivity and enhance customer satisfaction, most organizations have started to adopt mobile strategy into their business plan. This mobile trend is observed in every industry vertical and across divisions. Likewise, HR (Human resources) function in various organizations is moving on the mobility path. This article addresse...

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Will finger printing technology, sharper camera and larger display in Samsung Galaxy S5 benefit Enterprises?

by (February 27, 2014)
Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 which has been one of the most popular Android phones mainly because of its 5 inches screen size and high resolution camera has its successor scheduled to be launched on 11, April 2014 across 150 countries. The new S5 from Samsung with a full HD display & 5.1 inches screen size, slightly larger than Samsung S4; higher resolution camera of 16 mega pixels than 13 mega pixel...

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Seven Technology Trends Shaping the Landscape in 2014 and Beyond

by (February 18, 2014)
Enterprise Mobility

Technology is modernizing the way people use smart devices. Technology landscape is fast evolving with Internet connecting the entire technology ecosystem. Several technologies which were theoretical few years ago have now become reality. More recently, technology enthusiasts are adopting the outcome of these latest innovations to their daily life, while at home and workplace. There are several...

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Popular Online Mobile ApplicationTesting Tools

by (February 10, 2014)
AppThwack testing tool

Mobile application testing is a challenging and skilled quality assurance process where a testing professional needs to interact with multiple devices available in the market to test the mobile application built by software developers. The process consists of checking the performance of application across multiple handheld devices with different screen sizes and operating systems. The mobile appli...

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