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Developing Retail/M-Commerce Applications: Factors to Consider

by (January 2, 2015)
Retail Mobility by RapidValue Solutions

Before commencing on the journey to develop a retail mobile application, some pre-requisites need to be pondered upon, which would help to maximize the App experience for all the users. This helps in increasing the sales volume, resulting in better conversion rates for the intended retailer. This blog reveals certain aspects that are widely prevalent in the industry, and will help in develo...

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Infographic | Mobilizing Approval Management Systems

by (December 19, 2014)
Infographic - Mobilizing Approval Management


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Responsive Web Design: One Size for All Devices

by (December 11, 2014)
Responsive Web Design

With the increasing number of smart phone users, its becoming difficult to ensure that the website gets a good response from the target audience. One way is to create mobile specific website, a separate website, designed specifically for the smaller screens, with less images and text, and to allow people to get the information they’re likely to be looking for, faster. Building such mobile co...

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Redefining Mobility – The Role of the Automobile Industry

by (November 30, 2014)
Mobility in Automobile by RapidValue

The potential effects of mobility trends on the automobile industry is increasing and gaining immense popularity, every day. It is quite obvious that manufacturing and developing cars will, always, remain the makers’ core business, as it has been since time immemorial, and it will remain like that for a long time to come. But on a positive note, the companies or automobile manufacturers are ...

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Beacon Technology – New Shopping Trends

by (November 20, 2014)
Beacon at RapidValue

          Beacons are all set to revolutionize the retail industry. It has gained popularity, and the customers have started using their smartphones to shop while they are inside the retail stores. Beacons are considered to provide, both, digital and in-store shopping experiences, in order to bring value to the customers. Customers can get access to inst...

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Infographic – The Evolution of Android OS

by (November 19, 2014)
Android - Candy Story - Infographic by RapidValue Solutions


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Live Update from RapidValue Team at the Citi Challenge Mobile U.S. 2014

by (November 17, 2014)
RapidValue team at Citi Mobile Challenge U.S. 2014

"The magnanimity of the Citi event is worth-mentioning and the success story is far-reaching. About 800 companies, from around the world, participated in this Citi event. Out of the huge number of participants, the organizers had chosen only 50 companies, and RapidValue was one of them. This, in itself, is a great achievement. There were, approximately, 19 presenters who showcased their Applicatio...

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RapidValue Partners with Mitek to Demonstrate the Credit Card Acquisition App at the Citi Mobile Challenge

by (November 10, 2014)
RapidValue_Mitek at Citi Hackathon

The recent buzz is that RapidValue has partnered with Mitek, who has been selected to provide a demo of its Innovative Credit Card Solution, at the Citi Mobile Challenge U.S. 2014 in Miami, Florida on 14, November. Mitek is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and is the leading innovator of mobile imaging for financial transactions and identity. Mitek’s patented mobile photo technology, automati...

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RapidValue to Exhibit at NRF – Retail’s BIG Show 2015

by (November 4, 2014)
RapidValue to Exhibit at NRF - Retail Big Show

The National Retail federation (NRF) is the world’s largest retail trade association. They represent discount and department stores, grocers, wholesalers, home goods and specialty stores, chain restaurants and Internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 other countries. NRF began in 1911 as the National Retail Dry Goods Association (NRDGA). In 1990, the association merged w...

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Infographic | The Rise of Mobile Technology in Retail

by (October 29, 2014)
The Rise of Mobile technology in Retail  - Infographic by RapidValue Solutions


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