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Parse – A Cloud Platform Enabling Users to Add a Powerful Backend

by (June 15, 2015)
MBaas Platforms

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) has been around for a few years. It has, already, evolved in the current market and been gaining popularity in the application industry. MBaaS is considered, to have started as an infrastructure for the mobile applications. And, it has been offering backend cloud storage and APIs in order to address the growing mobile application industry. There are sever...

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The Adoption of Cloud Technology by Enterprises – Trends, Benefits and Future

by (June 1, 2015)
Cloud technology whitepaper by RapidValue

If we go back in time, people were dependent on the physical computer storage or servers in order to run their programs. Now, with the introduction of cloud computing, people, organizations and enterprises are able to access their programs through the Internet. Cloud computing is gaining prominence, rapidly, and the popularity is growing, each day. Cloud computing is big business, today. A...

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RapidValue at C3 2015 – An Event by CallidusCloud

by (May 20, 2015)
CallidusCloud - Event

"C3 event, conducted by CallidusCloud, was well organized and some of the keynote speakers dedicated their valuable time by expressing their thoughts and views. As always, the event gave us a lot of insights into the product roadmap. One of the main highlights of this year for RapidValue, is the announcement of the Android and iOS Litmos applications. This was highly appreciated by CallidusCl...

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RapidValue @ Collaborate 15 Conference

by (May 13, 2015)
OAUG 2015 - RapidValue

"OAUG Collaborate 2015 was a fantastic event for Oracle professionals. We got a chance to meet many Oracle consultants, Application managers and CXOs during the various conference sessions and networking meetings. The event was hosted strategically at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, one of the prominent conference and entertainment center in Las Vegas, USA. Kiran Elengickal, Director – Business...

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Why Big Data is Top Priority for Enterprises?

by (May 12, 2015)


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SMP vs. SAP Fiori – The Best Technology Option for your Enterprise

by (April 28, 2015)

As the SAP’s tagline says “The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP”, the last few decades have seen, large companies investing in building Enterprise Systems and, especially, getting SAP systems implemented for their core functions. The future is expected to experience a revolution around mobility, wherein, more companies will embrace mobile and related technologies for their business operations...

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Making Augmented Reality Work in the Real World

by (April 22, 2015)
Retail shopping image

In this digital age, technology has enabled smartphones to work just the way we want them to. These smartphones make our life a lot easier by bringing the advanced technology to us and help us to stay, constantly, connected to real-time information. This influx of technology into our daily life has made people expect reliable information and convenience from other service/product providers. Aug...

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Infographic | The Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Technology

by (April 22, 2015)
The Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Technology - Infographic by RapidValue Solutions


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Prerequisites for Implementing Mobility Solutions

by (April 14, 2015)
Mobile Strategy - RapidValue

Your customers have gone mobile. Your competitors have gone mobile. You have invested some money in it already and have an application or two which is/are doing the job for what it's scoped for. Or, you are planning to invest in Mobility and you have a lot of ideas – someone suggested it or you want to implement it after immense research. Pause and think for a minute. Have you thought th...

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Why are Enterprises going ‘the Cloud’ Way?

by (April 7, 2015)
Cloud technology- RapidValue

Cloud computing has been experiencing an exponential growth over the last few years. The growth is only expected to increase over the next few years. In simple terms, cloud computing refers to sharing of resources and computing based on the Internet. Earlier, people used to run the applications or programs from the software, which were downloaded on a physical computer or server in their build...

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