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About the Client

America’s leading provider of integrated security solutions and crowd management services for over 90 years.

Customer Situation

The client has thousands of security personnel at various sites across the United States. They want to track each personnel’s location, their clock-in and clock-out, the patrol routes covered and the various checkpoint activities completed. They wanted to add true value to their customers and ensure delivery of consistent performance from their personnel everyday on each shift.

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Business Requirements

The client wanted a centralized platform to manage all their personnel, their allotted shifts and the routes to be followed in each shift. They sought a solution which would be used to track security staff along their routes while they did their daily security checks.

The client also wanted to determine if all the targeted checkpoints were covered and the tasks defined in each checkpoint is completed. They wanted a dashboard with key KPIs, reports along with analytics. They wanted a mobile application for their security staff and a web based application for managing beacons, routes and analytics.

Solution Overview

  • RapidValue developed a beacon-based solution which includes an Android mobile app and a web based app for administration.
  • Security staff can login to the app and view all checkpoints. They are notified when checkpoints are met, or on route completion.
  • They can log any incident such as lock breakage, window open etc. via the app and also view the summary of checkpoint hits during the day.
  • Admins use the web app to add/update/deactivate worksites, checkpoints, shift and schedule for sites, create patrol routes and view site timesheets.
  • Admins can manage the beacon checkpoint mapping and configuration from the web application.
  • The web app also provides Dashboard and reporting features for analysis. Reports can be exported in excel format.
Solution Overview


  • Real-time tracking of Security personnel – Admins can track security staff in real-time.
  • Centralized management of shifts and schedule for site – All management of staff, shifts, site is centralized ensuring better control.
  • Metric based reporting to customers – The client can deliver metric based reporting to its customers.
  • Reduced emergency response time – Since security have a clear view of operating procedures at the site, it reduces response time during emergencies.
  • Reduced employee non-compliance – Since every activity of a security staff is mobilized and monitored, the solution reduces non-compliance.
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