About the Customer

The world’s largest Terex crane dealer and one of the largest crane sales-rental firms in the United States. The client is a diversified equipment and project services company that engages in the sale and rental of new and used cranes for refinery, power, petrochemical, and civil infrastructure industries in the United States and in key geographies, worldwide.

Customer Situation

The business process of the customer consists of three departments – Sales, Dispatch and Finance. Each of these departments has its own systems with no interconnection. Information sharing between departments happen, only through emails. This, eventually, became a time consuming process, as it involved manual entry of data from one system to another. Offline tracking of equipment and personnel, also, delays the process, further.

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Business Requirement

Although the customer experienced high growth, they needed to improve their operating margins. The customer partnered with RapidValue to establish a digital transformation roadmap that would help them compete more effectively in an increasingly challenging economic environment. RapidValue and the customer collaborated to drive companywide application of digital technology that would help control and bring together the existing disparate systems within its business process.

Solution Overview

The business consulting team, at RapidValue evaluated and assessed the enterprise infrastructure and prepared the entire roadmap for the digital transformation of the client.

  • Functional Business Process Technology and Infrastructure Assessment: The team studied the entire order-to-cash process, the systems involved and the current IT infrastructure at the customer.
  • Mobile and Web Enablement Technology Recommendation: RapidValue recommended the use of a unified portal, hosted on the cloud, using Microsoft Azure. The portal would be accessible from the web or mobile. RapidValue is responsible for the entire solution development, right from UI Design, Application Development to Testing.
  • Cloud Multi-Tenant Architecture and Database Design: The portal, which would be hosted in the highly scalable cloud environment, would allow multiple users to access the portal at the same time. Multi-tenant architecture would, also, mean that the customer could provide the solution to other businesses through, a SaaS based pay-per-user model.
  • Project Management & Governance Framework Recommendations: RapidValue’s account management team is working with the customer, throughout the engineering and deployment process.
Solution Overview


  • End-to-End Business Process Solution: One centralized solution for all departments including Sales, Finance, Equipment Management and Operations.
  • Streamline the Business Process Flow (Order to Cash): By eliminating the manual processes involved and integrating the disparate systems to function as one system.
  • Process Optimization: By eliminating the unwanted procedures in the business process, real-time availability of reports and instant notifications lead to a highly optimized business process.
  • Improve in Productivity: The order-to-cash process time is reduced, thus, efficiency and productivity is increased.
  • Increase in Asset Utilization and Turnover: Real-time tracking of assets through GPS ensures optimum asset utilization, thereby increasing turnover.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Information Accessibility: The portal being hosted on the cloud is enabled to be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The portal can be accessed on the web from any device (desktop/mobile/tablet).
  • Better Customer Satisfaction: Faster processing time leads to increase in customer satisfaction.
  • New Revenue Generation model: The solution, having a multi-tenant architecture, provided SaaS based pay-per-user deployment model from its peers, adding to the new revenue generating option.
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