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About the Customer

Kanoo Daily Rental (KDR) is a leading provider of car rental and luxury limousine services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They aim to offer the highest quality standards of car. Kanoo is a division of the Ebrahim K Kanoo Group, established in 1974 and partnered with top automotive dealers such as Toyota and Lexus. In addition to being an automotive pioneer in the Kingdom, Ebrahim K. Kanoo has expanded into, car care products, mercantile, leasing solutions, management consulting, industrial equipment and supplies, IT among other fields.

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Business Requirement

Kanoo wanted a tablet (iPad) based checklist system, to automate the vehicle check-out/check-in process and to streamline workflow. The mobile application should be able to fetch, rental agreement, customer information and vehicle details from the Oracle EBS rental module, in real-time. It should facilitate the vehicle dispatcher or enable the driver to record the checkout/ check-in parameters and mark any dents or scratches on the vehicle prototype using the iOS device. The application should also capture images of the vehicle, to record the condition of the vehicle during checkout/check in. These images need to be stored in Microsoft SharePoint for future collaborations.

Our Solution

RapidValue built the application for Kanoo Daily Rental using Oracle MAF (Mobile Application Framework) development platform and integrated it with the Oracle EBS R12 rental and leasing module. With an iterative methodology and offshore/onsite development team, RapidValue delivered a high quality application on iPad device. Some of the features of the application are as follows:

Check-out Process:


  • KDR dispatcher, supervisor or drivers login to the mobile application using Oracle EBS credentials. The login mechanism leverages Oracle MAF security process.
  • The application fetches the rental agreement, customer information and vehicle information from the backend Oracle ERP system.
  • The customer can then select a vehicle and enter the check-out date and time along with other checkout parameters such as distance, fuel etc.
  • The application has provisions to include additional information like availability of spare tyre,jack, toolkit, lighter etc.
  • The application provides a 3D image of the vehicle’s body, which the customer can use, to mark scratches, dents etc. on the vehicle as a recorded proof before check-out. The user can, also, take pictures of the vehicle and store them as reference.
  • Once the user has signed off and checked-out, the data is processed back to the Oracle system to update the rental agreement. This agreement can be viewed, at any point of time,by entering the rental agreement number.
  • The signature of the customer is captured on the tablet application as part of sign off and acceptance.

Kanoo signature

Check-in Process:

  • This process is initiated when the customers want to return the vehicle they have rented.The supervisor or driver can enter the rental agreement number to initiate the process.
  • The application fetches the customer information and vehicle information by default.
  • The customer can, then, enter his check-in date and time along with other information such as distance, fuel etc.
  • The KDR executive inspects the vehicle and compares the earlier 3D image of the vehicle for scratches and dents. If there are any further scratches or dents, the executive can mark it on the image and the customer is charged accordingly.
  • The customer can click on check-in to complete the transaction.
  • The signature of the customer is captured using the mobile device as sign off.

Key Results

Some of the results achieved for Kanoo Daily Rental are:

  • Automated the Process – Eliminated paperwork, reduced human errors while performing checklist.
  • Standardized the Process – Same approach for checklist process is followed, throughout the organization.
  • Increased Efficiency and Security – Mark up on vehicle images, signature capture and photo-graphs of rental vehicles using the application, improved efficiency and eliminated the malprac-tices of false marking of car damages.
  • Streamlined Workflow – Better tracking method, as all records are tracked online.
  • Faster Process Time – Reduced per transaction time, as customer service agent can perform the checklist and update backend databases at the same time, from anywhere.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
    • Reduced hassle for the customer, as there is no ‘to and fro’ movement between reception and exit gate to get a vehicle issued.
    • Reduced conflicts with customers at the time of check-in. The pictures taken at the time of check-out can be used to compare during check-in.
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