Mobile Hospital Management System – iPhone/iPad

Client Overview and Background

The Client is a leading EMR/ EHR technology service provider in the United States.

RapidValue partnered with a healthcare IT Solutions Company to develop an iPad/iPhone based mHMS (mobile hospital management system). This application allows physicians, patients and caregiver teams to interact with each other and facilitate healthcare operations from anywhere at any time.

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Business Requirements

The client wanted to implement an end-to-end mobile hospital management system for their staff, physicians and patients. Some of the key objectives were:

  • Enable Health Care Physicians (HCPs) to access patient health records (EHR) on a real-time basis
  • Connect and retrieve data from all healthcare departments that are necessary for doctors to analyze
  • HIPAA compliant secure login interface and encrypted transfer of patient data
  • Establish a mode of communication between doctors/nurses and patients whenever necessary
  • Alert patients for specific medication on timely basis, pending laboratory tests, frequent check-ups with doctors
  • Enable hospital staff to receive information on patient’s discharge and track real-time bed status

Challenges and Our Approach

The client was looking for new methods to improve patient care and enhance operational efficiency at the hospital, with optimal usage of new technologies at the same time keeping the cost low.

The current system of updating and monitoring patient records during doctor’s daily visit through paper-based system reduced the productivity of physicians considerably. Moreover, migrating paper work into a centralized data repository was time consuming and required additional resources. This method also created ineffective communication within the hospital, between staff, physicians and caregivers.

Since the usage of iPad/iPhone is high amongst the doctors and hospital staff in the U.S., RapidValue proposed an iOS based mobile hospital management application. This mobile app would adhere to hospital’s business rules, help streamline the business flow and improve overall efficiency.

Solution Overview

RapidValue built and deployed an iPad/iPhone based mHMS solution that integrated with existing back end HMS and other third party systems to retrieve and control data in a secure manner.

Whenever a patient is admitted to a hospital, the hospital staff is notified on the same, through the application on the assignment of nurse/HCPs and details of the room. The application consists of following elements with restricted access to functionalities based on the user type.

Access Privileges Communication Module Patient Dashboard Bed Status
HCPs Yes Yes Partial Access
Patient Yes Restricted Access No
Caretaker Teams Yes Yes Yes

Communication Module

The communication module allows caregiver teams, HCPs and patients to interact with each other through text messages, voice calls or voice mails – all supported via VOIP. This communication tool also allows patients to get in touch with their physician during an emergency even if the physician is not in the hospital premises.

Key features include – Address book with options to update the contact list and push notification to notify users about a message/voice mail.

Patient Dashboard

The patient dashboard displays information specific to the type of user and device. Physicians are given iPad during their daily visit to the patient ward, which provide complete treatment history of the patient [electronic health record (EHR)] during their stay in the hospital. Based on the data/result observed on the iPad, the physician recommends the next step of treatment/dosage that gets automatically saved in HMS server.

The patient dashboard on iPhone provided patient related information accessible by the patient using a unique secure login credential.

Key features include – Capture and understand the demographics and condition of the patients admitted; Monitor vital signs and results from laboratory like blood reports, ECG; Assess past treatments like any operative/surgical procedure performed.

Proactive Alert Notification

Regular push notifications is sent to patients, care takers and physicians related to different information relevant to each user type.

Key features include – Section to update Patient Health Records (ePHR), notification system to send alerts to patients on routine health-checkups, follow-up care, timely medication and proper diet reminders.

Hospital Bed Management

Caregiver teams are provided with iPhones which they use within the hospital premises. For the caregiver teams, the iPhone app acts as a communication device with real-time access to patient information and provides a platform to manage hospital-beds as and when patients are admitted or discharged.

Key features included – A complete map of bed-status with real-time notifications like ‘Ready to transfer,’ ‘Ready to discharge,’ and ‘Ready to Admit.’

mhms solution


This solution was beneficial to various teams of the client – their physicians, caregivers and patients. The following results were achieved for the client:

  • Higher productivity and efficiency – Easy access and sharing of information across the complete chain of the patient record workflow in real-time, reduced the delay in information being received
  • Anytime patient care – Enabling VOIP call services on the app allows patients to be in touch with the physicians for any emergency services
  • Seamless Integration – RapidValue ‘Xcelerate’ methodology provides seamless integration with existing legacy systems ensuring continuity in system workflow
  • Cost Effective – Reduction in overhead costs that incurred in work force transfer of paper-data into legacy systems
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