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Client Overview and Background

The client is the world’s largest social networking site, which connects users with their friends. A Fortune 500 company, with over 1 billion subscribers across all countries. The client has been using Oracle Business Suite 12.1 ERP for managing their inventory process. They follow a systematic process for receiving inventory and taking them into stock. The inventory may be serialcontrolled, with item serial number, and is fitted with a company asset tag. During receipts, they also capture and upload images of the packing slip. Before implementing this app for the client, all these processes were done manually.

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Business Requirements

The client wanted an Enterprise scale mobile application, which communicates with their Oracle EBS ERP suite. The mobile application should enable their supply chain managers and executives to perform various functions from the field, including Material Receipts, Transfers, Cycle Counting and Approvals. The Application should have seamless interface, with barcode scanners, for serial number scanning. This application should be available on iPad.

Business Requirements and Challenges

With this Enterprise Receiving Mobile Application, their service executives should be able to:

  • Enter receipt details from the field, using their iPad
  • Avoid paper work and duplication of effort
  • Scan serial numbers and asset tags, capture pack slip images, in real-time, using integrated barcode scanner and camera


RapidValue provided end-to-end solution for the client. Right from Business Consulting for Oracle EBS ERP Suite, designing the User Interface, building the Mobile Application, integrating to their back-end systems, mobile testing to application deployment.

The application is developed on iPad. This enterprise receiving application will communicate with the client’s Oracle ERP to update the receipt details to Oracle ERP back-end. We have built the Oracle Middleware, by using the Oracle SOA Gateway, to communicate with the specific Oracle Module.

We built the application and utilized the in-built/integrated module, from our Oracle EBS, for barcode scanning of serial numbers. For this application, tablet-specific functionality like barcode scanner, camera etc. is enabled.


Some of the key features are:

  • User Authentication – Unique login for each user. Only authorized users can access the application.
  • Access and Submit/Delete Purchase Order (PO) Receipts.
    • Guided Receipts – User can access a) PO receipts which include details like Item, sub inventory, locator, get lines, receipt number, PO number, receipt date, shipment number, serial number, Organizational Unit etc. b) Submit transaction c) Submit receipts.
    • Unordered Receipts – Users can submit/edit/save as unordered receipts when the order comes without PO for various reasons like excess item received, invalid serial number etc. Users can also add comments/notes.
  • History – Users can view details of past transactions. Information is available for successfully submitted transactions, for normal guided receipts and unordered receipts, for a period of seven days.
  • Scan Barcode – This is based on Camera Image Technology. User have multiple options to scan the barcode:
    • Locator – Users can scan the barcode as per location to view item details, quantity ordered and PO number.
    • Serial Number – Users can scan the barcode as per the serial number to view item details, quantity details and PO number.
    • Capture Packing Slip – Users can click a picture of the packing slip with the camera enabled in the tablet. Details, mentioned in the slip, will be captured, converted to PDF and saved as attachment against PO.
  • Drafts – Users can save, edit and delete drafts of receipts, for both guided receipts and unordered receipts.
  • File Attachments – Users can uploaded the image of packing slips as attachments.
  • Additional Details – Users can view details, such as ‘received by’, name of the supplier, the promised date, sub inventory, the locator, the shipping date, the packing slip number, the bill of Lading, the vehicle’s number, notes and comments etc.


The enterprise receiving application is beneficial mainly to the client supply chain managers and field service executives.

Some of the results achieved for the client:

  • Quick turn-around time – deployed in six months
  • Real-time material transactions – receive items, transfer items, stock count and approve transactions from the field
  • Avoid duplication of effort – paperless transactions and less prone to errors
  • Improved efficiency – reduction in process time, reduced payable cycle
  • Higher Productivity – helps field service executives to access inventory from anywhere, at anytime
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