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About the Client

Path-Tec is a leading provider of specimen management solutions including specimen collection kit design, production, distribution, tracking and software management systems. They work with laboratories to design kits that assist with proper specimen collection and provides tools to track supplies and specimen. They are based out of Columbus, Georgia, USA.

Customer Situation

The client has delivery personnel (couriers) visiting the field to collect specimens from patients and then delivering them to the laboratories. Everyday each courier receives a job list which contains the details of the sample collection and deliverables for the day. This entire process was handled manually in a paper-based approach. This process however, was making it difficult for the client to track courier runs and to optimize visits to reduce cost.

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Business Requirements

The client wanted a mobile solution to manage their daily courier visit. They wanted to reduce paperwork and provide a better solution for their couriers to handle the daily job task in a productive manner. They also wanted a more cost-effective solution and be able to track couriers in real-time.

Solution Overview

Path-Tec partnered with RapidValue to build a mobile application. The app is used to track record delivery and collection operations. The simple user interface supports collection of samples management and delivery operations in a few clicks. The courier can record all items delivered or collected, select a tracking status, capture the proof of collection and delivery. The application also enables couriers to receive their daily job list on their mobile phones.

Our mobility experts built a feature that pointed all the jobs on a map for that particular courier. The shortest route to complete all the jobs is also shown on the map through GPS.

The application includes custom forms and is enabled with customer digital signature capture. The application is integrated with client’s backend dot-net systems. Thus, all data entered by the courier at the customer location is automatically uploaded and processed in real-time.

The app is available for iPhone (iOS 6, iOS 7) and Android (2.3 upwards).

Solution Overview


  • Ensures process adherence – The app provides tools to rearrange routes, track specimens with missing information, and monitor pick up and drop off times. Thus, ensuring couriers adhere to standard procedures.
  • Improved productivity – By reducing paperwork for the officials and couriers.
  • Saves cost and time – Route optimization saved time and expenses in courier runs.
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