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Retailers are more recently observing large traffic to their site through mobile devices. With continuous enhancements in technology and to meet the increasing consumer demands, for them to shop and review products online, implementing  mobile application is becoming essential for retailers.

According to Gartner, leading research firm, there will be more Mobile Commerce than E-Commerce by 2015. Smart devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones etc. have opened up an alternative channel for retailers. Smart mobile devices provide a rich medium for retail-store employees and consumers to browse and view product details as well as place orders while on the go. Ability to influence behavior based on the location of the consumer makes mobile a unique channel.

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Powerful mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, are revolutionizing the education industry. These are the perfect tool for students. Compared to laptops, mobile is cost-effective and more portable. From schools to colleges, everybody is considering adopting iPad and other powerful devices to effectively disperse knowledge to their students. Today, the adoption rate of smart devices among students is quite high.

The Mobile Education application overcomes some of the challenges faced by Universities – printed content to be pushed to students efficiently, no effective medium to promote education leveraging student interest in games and visual media, regulate applications that students can have on their mobile devices.

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The global mHealth market will be worth $23 billion by 2017, according to a new report published by the GSMA and the larger eHealth market is estimated to grow to $160 billion in 2015, at an average growth rate of 12-16%. The healthcare industry is enduring a fundamental shift due to increasing demand for services outside hospitals and medical clinics.

Today, technology is in the process of bringing change to every element of the health industry – wellness, fitness, healthcare and pharmaceutical. Many big healthcare organizations have discovered mobile health applications as an innovative way to promote and deliver healthcare services and products.

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Enterprise employees world-wide are adopting smartphones and tablets in a big way. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming common in enterprises, and CIO’s are starting to support multiple devices. A number of organizations are proactively rolling out tablets like iPad and Android devices for their employees, especially those in the field like sales and service team members.

The new mobility trend is bringing in good change within enterprises. Supporting the implementation of enterprise applications by IT decision makers for their organization is helping employees access some of the business critical information to achieve maximum amount of productivity gains as well as return on investments on the devices.

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Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment is a fast growing sector and our mobile solutions can enable your business to grow fast with it. Print and broadcast media companies need to rapidly build an effective mobile presence to ensure customer retention and increase customer acquisition.

Broadcast media companies like TV and audio companies are getting ready to brace new business models driven by IPTV like Android TV, as well as the new breed of mobile devices.

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Financial Services

With the proliferation of high end devices, high speed connectivity and mobile savvy customers, mobile financial applications are becoming popular too.

A growing population of mobile savvy customers with access to sophisticated technologies like WiFi, GPRS and NFC has opened a new avenue for financial institutions which include banks and insurance companies. Enterprises are competing with each other to drive innovations in financial sector by deploying mobile empowered applications. These enterprises are fast catching up with the changing consumer trends, and adapting to newer channels of consumer engagement like mobile will clearly emerge as winners.

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Product Development & Startups

Rapidly changing customer requirements and ever-growing competition make it essential for organizations to find better, more efficient ways to build products specific to customer specifications.

For product companies, developing new products is the complete process of bringing a new product to the market in order to achieve higher ROI. In some enterprises, products are also used for internal communication or to enhance customer – staff interaction to improve productivity. New product development involves several stages, with structured process, where many human resources are needed and you need to scrutinize every single step during the product development stages. This is indeed time consuming and strenuous.

At RapidValue, we offer end-to-end product development services for organization of various sizes – large enterprises to newly built startups. This ensures that your IT resources are not affected, and you can fully focus on creating business value.

We have experience building many enterprise products, for web-based companies and mobile device management systems providers, to help customers mobilize Web applications, Web services, Mobile Device Management, Content Management Systems. We have also integrated the application to their corporate back-end systems.

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