The mobile education application overcomes some of the challenges faced by the Universities. The printed content needs to be provided to the students in an effective manner. There is no effective medium to promote the education, there by leveraging the student’s interest in games and visual media. There is also an urgent need to regulate the applications that the students can have on their mobile devices.

Key Benefits:

There are several advantages of enabling mobility in education. Some of them include:

  • Mobility empowers institutions to impart skills and knowledge to the students by enlighting them and increasing their interests in visual media and video games
    • Visual lessons will be able to capture the attention of the students
    • Games/ virtual simulations will help to engage the students effectively
    • Portability will no longer pose to be a hindrance to quality distance education
  • Freedom to access a wide range of visual materials
    • Remote access to learning content on mobile devices gives the student freedom to choose subjects anytime and anywhere
    • There are not constraints on the amount of reference material available to students
  • Ability to regulate the content as per convenience and usage
    • Using Mobile Device Management solution, the content and applications that can be accessed by the students can be regulated thus minimizing distractions
  • Easy implementation and Quick access to information
    • Content can be remotely pushed to the students as an when they are created. It is no longer necessary that the student collect material or needs to voluntarily download the content
  • Tablets/smartphones are portable devices and they are easier to deal with as compared to printed teaching material and laptops. Thus, making it the medium of choice when it comes to imparting education
At RapidValue, we offer a one-stop solution for the educational institutions. Our mobility services for the education sector include –
  • Application to push content to the students on a regular basis
  • Provide classroom sessions and create video-based lessons
  • Offer social-activity based lessons
  • Implement virtual apps where students can apply the theories which they have learned, to solve the problems in various subjects
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions can help regulate the content ensuring that the students do not have distractions at least when attending lectures
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