This new fascinating mobile trend is bringing in phenomenal changes across the enterprise organizations. By supporting the implementation of applications by IT decision makers for the organization, the employees are actually getting assistance in accessing some of the critical information regarding the business. This helps to achieve maximum amount of productivity gains, as well as return on investments, on the devices.

Effective enterprise mobility solutions require the following skills:

  • Expertise in all key mobility technologies
  • In-depth understanding of business processes along with the large-scale program management and system integration experience

At RapidValue, our mobile experts are well -versed in enterprise mobility and our main services for enterprises include:

  • Mobile Strategy Consulting

    Building an effective mobility roadmap requires strategic and operational planning focused on ROI from the stage of mobility implementation to the identification of the right technology infrastructure.

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  • Native Mobile/Tablet Applications for Line Functions

    Being able to access some of the critical business functions with the help of a native application can significantly improve employee productivity.
    Example is a field service system extended to mobile and tablet devices through a native application. We build applications leveraging the key mobile technologies like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry SDKs.

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  • Extending Enterprise Systems to Mobile

    We work with enterprises to extend their ERP/CRM, document management systems, CMS on to their mobile devices. Our team has expertise integrating mobility with all key enterprise systems including SAP, Oracle ERP/Siebel, SAS, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

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  • Optimizing Existing Web Applications For Tablets

    Most enterprises have internal web applications that have been custom developed. These applications may not work optimally on tablets. Our team can help assess the status of web application fit to tablets, as well as implement changes that are necessary to make these applications compatible with tablets, by leveraging mobile web development technologies such as Sencha, jQuery Mobile and HTML5.

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  • Implementing Mobile Device Management & Security Solutions

    Implementing an effective mobile device usage and security policy is critical for a successful mobility implementation. A mobile device management and security solution ensures that the policies are ensured and security maintained. We help enterprises in identifying and implementing the right mobile device management solutions.

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We offer solution across various functions within the enterprise.

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