The global mHealth market will be worth $23 billion by 2017, according to a new report published by the GSMA and the larger eHealth market is estimated to grow to $160 billion in 2015, at an average growth rate of 12-16%. The healthcare industry is enduring a fundamental shift due to increasing demand for services outside hospitals and medical clinics.

Today, technology is in the process of bringing change to every element of the health industry – wellness, fitness, healthcare and pharmaceutical. Many big healthcare organizations have discovered mobile health applications as an innovative way to promote and deliver healthcare services and products.

Mobile healthcare provides an opportunity for healthcare organizations to widen their current service offerings and reduce significant cost-savings in the industry. It also allows healthcare organizations to provide better on-going care to patients, using latest information and resources that otherwise are not available using traditional channels.

According to a study by leading technology experts:

  • 17% of mobile phone users have used their devices to look up health and medical information
  • 40% of doctors believe mobile technology can reduce number of patient visits
  • 80% of doctors use smartphones and medical applications
  • 88% of doctors urge patients to monitor their health at home

Awareness and demand for mobile health applications is increasing each day. More and more doctors, physicians and hospital staff seem to be moving towards this new mobile trend.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improve patient experience – find a physician using doctors directory, look up hospitals, make payments, directions using maps
  • Enhance patient engagement – medication reminder via push notifications, communication with physician
  • Improve internal communication efficiency – secure communication between physicians and other healthcare workers
  • Increase physician efficiency – access patient information and educational material

We have a team of mobility experts to implement mobile healthcare applications for you. We have experience in building and deploying various types of mobile healthcare applications for leading healthcare service providers, healthcare management systems providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical practitioners in the U.S.

  • Mobile Messaging & Communication Platform

    Historically Healthcare was slow to adoption of innovation because of security and privacy issues that led to an antiquated system based on mid-20th century paperwork procedures. Today the paradigm of healthcare has changed mainly due to two factors – overwhelming consumer demand and 100% digital communication.

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    RapidValue’s Mobile Messaging and Communication Platform provide hospital caretaker teams and physicians, timely access to patient’s information and the ability to get in touch in a secure manner.

    The platform combines multiple communication tools – VOIP based – voice, instant messaging, audio recording; videos; emailing and staff-schedule on a single application and integrates over a common database to allow  real-time delivery of communications based on the preferred method and location of the recipient

  • Mobile Hospital Management Solutions

    RapidValue’s approach to Healthcare is targeted across the complete process chain flow with an aim to automate management systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness of healthcare providers. We believe that a sound mobility strategy and vision by hospital stakeholders can improve the patient care significantly.

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    We have the right combination of mobility expertise and industry knowledge on Healthcare to customize mobile applications using our in-house reusable components and integrate with any third party systems to provide maximum ROI.

    Our Mobile Hospital Management Solutions include-

    Patient – Physician Applications

    • Registration/Admission
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Medical Records – PHR/EHRs
    • Physician Access/Referral
    • E-Prescribing
    • Mobile Charge Capture
    • Alerts for Health Maintenance

    Enterprise Hospital Applications

    • Patient monitoring and management
    • Hospital Bed Management
    • Workflow Management
    • Lab results and clinical assistant
    • Pharmacy & Billing Systems
    • Asset Management
  • Mobile EMR/EHR App

    Mobile EMR/EHR application provides healthcare practitioners (physicians and caretakers) secure access to patients information using smartphones and tablets. The application also allows patients to access their own information and medical records. This solution helps physicians to make better and faster decisions, enables collaboration, thus improves healthcare services.

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    Our Mobile EMR/EHR application is useful for physicians, caretakers and patients. Patient’s information along with their ailment details are stored in centralized server for future records. Our solution provides several benefits to the healthcare eco-system players. Some of the benefits are –

    • Improved care quality – patients can access their information from anywhere
    • Reduced cost – eliminates the paper-based charges
    • Streamlined workflow – allows access of data and information upload in a structured manner
    • Increased satisfaction – users can access the data easily and at anytime
    • Secure – Multiple user-type access is enabled and allows only authorized users (with unique login) to access the data
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