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To be ahead of competition, to meet customer requirements and ever-increasing consumer demands, we offer multiple services for retailers. There are two main categories, consumer apps for end-users and enterprise apps for the retail staff. Some of our key applications and solutions we provide are:

Consumer Apps

  • Mobile Commerce App

    Mobile devices like iPhone and iPad created a vibrant and new channel for commerce. It gives consumers the flexibility and convenience to place orders while on the move.
    Users can view and purchase product online via the mobile phone.

  • In Store Catalogue App

    Retailers can empower their consumers with In Store Catalogue Apps that can be accessed on their smartphone devices. This allows consumers to have information available at their fingertips and avoid reaching out to staff to get more information on products. This access to information has shown to have a significant correlation to the basket size per customer.

  • In Store Navigation App

    Retailers commonly face low loyalty among customers who will leave stores if they cannot find a product they are looking for. This trend can be co0untered with the use of In Store Navigation App which can digitize the store data, access inventory, product locations, floor plans to navigate customers to their products within the store.

  • Location-based Marketing App

    With the increased proliferation in retail segment, there is an increasing need to attract customers and encourage spending among the customers. Location-based Marketing can and sending them promotional coupons, discounts based on their GPS locations. This would incentivize customers to enter stores, buy items or consider one brand over another.

  • Price List App

    Enables customers with more information to make informed decisions on product purchases. These apps can be used to help customers in making comparisons in pricing, reduces buyer remorse and also provides customer reviews of products.

  • Self-Check Out App

    With widespread penetration in the smartphone segments, customers are increasingly self reliant. This new trend has made the norm of “Self-help” very common. To promote this trend, the self-check outs can provide the customers with Self check out options via their smartphones.

  • Loyalty App

    Increased competition among different Retail formats has created the need to differentiate your Retail Store. Providing your customers with relevant personalized offers based on their buying behaviour can promote loyalty among your customers. Rewarding your customer purchases / check-in’s with reward points can fuel customer loyalty and repeat buys at your store.

  • Store Locator App

    Guiding customers to their closest stores can avoid loss in opportunities due to lack of information on the nearest store. This can help increasing footfalls to your Retail store by providing customers with access to this information at their fingertips.

Enterprise Apps

  • Sales Floor Assistant App

    Sales Personnel with access to any store related information at their fingertips are more inclined to serve customers better. This ultimately translates into customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. These apps will provide the Sales force with information on products / services / inventory information etc.

  • Mobile POS

    In an effort to promote “Linebusting”, Retailers now empower employees with mPOS devices. The mPOS consists of the device (mobile+card reader) as well as the application to assist in check out of customers without having to wait at long queues.

  • Inventory App

    Tracking of real-time inventory information via these apps has resulted in better customer service and increased brand loyalty. Customers get quick information, employees can place quick orders for products thereby avoiding a loss of sale.

  • In Store Audits App

    Paper based audits are passé – Mobilize your audits via In Store Audit apps which will enable auditors to relay real time audit information via smartphones. This avoids errors due to manual interventions and increases reliability of the audit. The In Store Audit app can also have features to capture images of the audit violations for proof, thereby increasing accountability.

  • Dashboard App

    These apps are directed towards providing dashboard information to CXO / management level employees who can view a “bird’s eye view” of the organization on various aspects such as Sales, Operations, Inventory, Audits etc. These apps can draw analysis and thereby devise corrective actions required.

  • HRMS App

    Employees can view their HR related information – Personal info, Salary Information, provide employees with access to information updates, Recruitment Apps etc. Recruitment can be managed through updating open positions, salary information, job related requirements etc.

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