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Live Update from RapidValue at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2015

by (January 15, 2015)

“The NRF show was a great opportunity to meet a variety of retailers and understand their challenges, as well as to gain some insight into their mobile strategies. People showed a lot of interest in the rBeacon Solution and tried to understand the value that it could impart to the retailers. There was an equal amount of interest from retailers, dealing in other mobility solutions, as well. It was pretty clear that many retailers could figure out that their strategies were not up to the mark and that they required help in revising them. There were, also, many who acknowledged that they are behind the curve to mobilize and need much aid in exploring the options.”

Dale Reed, Regional Director – Business Development, RapidValue

RapidValue at NRF 2015


“It has been a great experience at NRF event. I was able to meet some big retailers and now, I have a better understanding about the areas they are spending their precious time on. These retailers are looking forward to explore the new options and go for innovations in the Financial Year 2015. We witnessed that the rBeacon Solution grabbed most attention at our booth and we were glad to attract the retailers, as expected”

Anush Kumar, Sr. Business Development Manager, RapidValue


RapidValue team at NRF













Team Dinner at the NRF Event

NRF Team Picture

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