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Customer engagement applications are considered to be essential means to communicate with the potential consumers. They facilitate the sales processes and ensure customer satisfaction. These applications are significant and offer various features to enhance the customer experience.

‘NterAKT’ by RapidValue is a digital customer engagement suite, comprising the platform, tools and pre-built applications. It allows customers (example – retailers) to enhance end-customer experience during interaction with their staff, thus increases loyalty and chances of bringing repeat end-customers. NterAKT helps in increasing the cost effectiveness and overcomes the manually intensive processes.

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Specializing in Customer Needs

nGage is an application focused on gathering feedback from the end-customers at the store. Consumers can reveal their store experience, report issues and provide useful suggestions. This is helpful as it allows you to gauge what your customers’ expectations are and you can implement and work upon them and resolve their issues to provide better service to the end-customer.

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Control Center

The Control Center stores all the information, including data, captured about the customer preferences and user behavior. It manages the workflow in a collaborative manner and integrates to the Interactive Dashboard through the Customer Engagement Platform.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard is an integral component of NterAKT. It analyzes customer satisfaction through the delight meter and presents graphical representation of responses. Interactive Dashboard helps in increasing customer conversions, improving customer acquisitions and enhancing personalized engagement. The reporting dashboard analyzes customer insights, in real-time, for better customer satisfaction. We support customization and our team of domain experts can build applications to suit your business needs.

We, also, provide pre-built applications, as per the client's requirement.

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Easy Glance at Product Availability

nAble is a digital catalog for the end-customers and the store staff which lets them know about the various products and options which are available. nAble allows the consumers to browse the product catalog and expedite the purchase process. The staff is also, able to illustrate their products with the help of nAble.

In-store Catalogs provides immense support in displaying products by using engaging, attractive and attention-grabbing photographs and videos of the product. nAble makes way for easy browsing and searching. It also allows the store staff to keep a track of availability of the products in their chain of stores.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

With nAide, the sales force is equipped with adequate and accurate information and this helps the staff to engage with the end-customers, meaningfully. This has helped improve the training effectiveness of the employees and, eventually, the training costs are reduced to a great extent. A timely response to consumers, also improves customer satisfaction.

Case Study : Clientele Application

This application implemented by RapidValue for retailers enables the store staff to support the store customers by viewing their profile, understanding their requirement and locating the customer at the store.

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