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ReactJS Framework

In the avalanche of front-end JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS secures its position and manages to stand out because of its design around a reactive data flow. It allows, only, one-way data binding and that simplifies the rendering logic. This helps to avoid many of the issues that commonly plague applications written with other frameworks, to a great extent. ReactJS is a lightweight DOM for better performance and helps you to create a desired interface in a relatively, easy manner.

The benefits of ReactJS are manifold on a growing number of projects, large and small. ReactJS has become the default choice for JavaScript frameworks. It is a library, rather than a framework; hence, it goes well with the others. You can pair it up with other frameworks, such as AngularJS or Backbone.js. It promotes componentoriented development which leads to better isolation of code and styles, and simplifies code reuse.

At RapidValue, we have a team of experts working on ReactJS. Some of the areas of expertise include:

ReactJS Implementation

It is the latest technology implementation (adhering to the latest standards, using Isomorphic JavaScript). Using React and BabelJS, we code under ES6 standards. By using React, maintaining the code and readability of the code become easy. It is easy to read, view components, using JSX which is much better to maintain as compared to the existing Dojo toolkit. Componentized UI is yet another feature which is significant with the implementation.

System Design

ReactJS is a great way to start, but as your team grows and your requirements change, you need to ensure that your system is designed to cater to your growing needs. We can help you set up instances that help your employees use the system as your organization scale.

Integrate your existing systems with ReactJS for smooth operations. Our expert consultants can help you take maximum advantage of the framework. Integration of custom applications on to ReactJS can be challenging at times, but we are able to help you integrate your existing web based applications onto ReactJS. We can, also, help in developing custom applications that integrates with your ReactJS instances.

Custom Applications & Integration

  • React-widgets offer a set of html form inputs, built from scratch with React. The suite is based on the excellent work done by Kendo UI Core, and jQuery UI, but built as true components, and not library wrappers. By building each widget entirely in React, it can leverage all of the benefits of the React ecosystem and philosophy.
  • React ag-Grid’s core interface maps directly onto what is required by React making ag-Grid and React match, perfectly.
  • React-Grid- Layout is the only grid layout system for React. It features auto-packing, draggable and resizable widgets, static widgets, a fluid layout, and separate layouts per responsive breakpoint.
  • React Slick carousel is applied with other React component that relies on CommonJS. With the React Native, this framework has been brought to mobile. It is a great option for creating preferment iOS and Android applications. It took a, completely, different path towards application development – Javascript, CSS like stylesheets and HTML-like tags for layouts. Although, you still write JavaScript with React Native, the components you define will end up rendering as native platform widgets.
    • Live/Hot Reload – React Native can be configured to, automatically, re-render the current view in the iPhone Simulator, without rebuilding the Xcode project.
    • Flexbox – You might be comfortable with the visual aid of the Interface Builder in Xcode but with React Native’s Flex box, auto layout might seem complex, compared to Flex box. It solves UI issues for multiple devices of iOS and Android in no time.
    • Live Updates:  With React Native, it is possible to do live updates without accessing the App Store – much like for a web application. There are, already, services to help with this like ‘AppHub’, or you could build it yourself.



  • The Client: A provider of real-time situational awareness and intelligence on global topics of interest. They collect, analyze, monitor and report on information from online and private electric sources. The client is a virtual data interpreter, allowing source location, language, and quality to inform rather than inhibit search and analysis.
  • About the App: There was a performance enhancement to a big extent. jQuery and Dojo are considered to be simple for development but when it comes to performance, it’s heavy. React’s virtual-dom concept is very much known for its high performance. In the application, all the Dojo based grid table is replaced with Axios based grid table.
  • Solution: RapidValue developed a web application, using ReactJS and replaced Dojo library with Axios library for implementation of ReactJS. It has built tailored lexicons in over 200 languages for searching across the web or large, unstructured data repositories. There are Ajax calls from different modules in the current application and for this Ajax call currently,  ‘Dojo’ library in the production, is being used. We have removed the ‘Dojo’ library and replaced it with ‘Axios’ library, for higher performance.
  • Value Offered: The application users can get detailed reports on information of interest. They are able to characterize ideological and political orientation, web footprint, and obtain topical trend analysis. The application users can, also, search across data sources and generate actionable output.
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