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Salesforce1 platform consists of complete and open API’s for developers. It has the ability to scale and allows you to integrate your applications, data and devices on it seamlessly. Salesforce, being a widely used platform, complementary applications on the Salesforce1 platform get maximum attention from users hence user adoption will also be high. Similarly you can customize modules of your Salesforce instance for your employees to access.

We can help you design, customize, implement and integrate your existing applications onto Salesforce1.

Salesforce Implementation

We can help you implement Salesforce attuned to the requirements of your organization to ensure maximum adoption and to ensure you get the best ROI. Our implementation services helps you customize Salesforce instances and allows you to be up and running quickly the way your employees are used to do their work daily. Our implementation services starts with system design, setup, configuration which is combined with end-to-end solutions which includes custom development, integration & Salesforce1 mobile application development.

System Design

Salesforce as is a great way to start, but as your team grows and your requirements change you need to ensure that your system is designed to cater to your growing needs. We can help you set up instances that help your employees use the system as your organization scale.

Custom Applications & Integration

Integrate your existing systems with your Salesforce instance for smooth operations. Our expert ERP consultants on various platforms like Oracle, SAP, Infor etc. can help you take maximum advantage of both. Integration of custom applications on to Salesforce can be challenging at times, we can help you integrate your existing web based applications onto Salesforce. We can also help in developing custom applications that integrates with your Salesforce instances.

CaseStudy: CallidusCloud App Dev

CallidusCloud App Dev

  • The Client: CallidusCloud is a provider of enterprise software applications that automate management of “marketplace pay-for-performance” programs used to drive corporate revenues, most of the solutions being delivered on a SaaS platform.
  • About the App: CallidusCloud’s premier product “Commissions” is used for sales compensation by companies worldwide. This application allows the companies manage sales compensation to be paid to their employees, it has a rules engine that allows to set various modular rules-based elements like rates and thresholds, connecting core competencies to technology enablers, modeling & simulation – define models to simulate changes in compensation plans, rates, rules, quotas, and territories, visualize and compare models to forecast payouts and assess impact on top and bottom performers etc.
  • Solution: RapidValue designed and integrated CallidusCloud’s Commissions application via API’s into Salesforce and also ensured that an SSO was in place. Furthermore, the integration is extended to the Salesforce1 mobile platform increasing the appeal of the app as a single point to access customer information and the Commissions. This application is so intuitive and self-configurable that the functionalities of CallidusCloud can easily be configured by a user without any IT intervention. With role based dashboards and a variety of visualizations like List View, Gauge, PieChart, Bar, Line Trend etc. the users can tailor their user experience as well.
  • Value Offered: Since most of the companies use Salesforce as the CRM CallidusCloud wanted to integrate their solution with Salesforce so that this could be accessible via SSO in Salesforce and hence help them sell their solution more into the Salesforce user base. RapidValue helped CallidusCloud by developing an application that is integrated with Salesforce, accessible via Salesforce App Exchange & configurable by users of Salesforce1. With the integration in place, the sales personnel get to see their customer details and the Commissions at a single point, Salesforce: Web or Mobile.

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