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The omni-channel, and its ecosystem are huge. It is growing rapidly and faster than expected. Mobility seems to have the highest impact on enterprises today. Managing a real-time enterprise, enabling a mobile workforce, and understanding the value of data-driven decision making has become critical for organizations.

Enterprise mobility allows you to operate efficiently, reduce the cost, increase productivity and improve sales. It also, provides flexibility and above all, abides by the organization’s business strategy and security compliance. At RapidValue, we have a large team of dedicated domain experts who understand this in their truest sense, analyze customer’s business requirements and implement the mobility services to suit their enterprise ecosystem. Our global team possesses comprehensive set of skills to provide end-to-end mobility services – right from designing the User Interface and developing the mobile application to deploying the right mobile application certified by our QA team.

  • Development

    Building for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Responsive Web gets challenging due to several versions of the operating systems and the variety of device form-factors. Enterprises expect their user to have the best experience with the top-notch device more

  • Testing

    Testing software for devices including mobile, tablets and desktops requires a unique set of skills that combine domain expertise, thorough information about tools and best practices, in-depth knowledge of enterprise level business requirements and market challenges. read more


Mobility Integration

Technology and its ecosystem are evolving more rapidly than expected. Gone are the days when employees would spend hours in-front of their computers to complete their task and communicate with the co-workers and customers.

More and more companies are adapting omni-channel solutions to make it easier for their employees. You can now, even work even if you are not in office by using the mobile, tablet, wearable devices and cloud services, and perform various business tasks. Enterprises are also acknowledging the importance of extending their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to mobile and other Internet-enabled devices and providing employees with access to internal systems, while on the move.

There are multiple options to build mobility solution, but the challenge lies in integrating the mobile application with the entire corporate ecosystem. This enables the staff to access all the data as and when requird, and in a secure manner.

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People rely on their smart phones, tablets and laptops for all kinds of activities. Consumers utilize the mobile applications for shopping and entertainment purposes and the professionals use them to collaborate with businesses, engage with customers and get the work done in a prompt manner. As the power and maintenance of mobile devices continue to emerge, full utilization of the new mobile applications and the unique functions of the mobile devices have become even more essential. Many organizations are pretty much eager to take initiatives and explore new areas regarding this mobile revolution.

Mobility is not just about developing a mobile application; it involves connecting the entire ecosystem within your enterprise. We have a team of mobility consultants and experts who can study your systems, get into meticulour details and also, implement the integration services by connecting the mobile applications with the corporate systems such as EMR, ERP, MDM, E-Commerce, Web Applications, CRM etc. through Middleware/ MEAP solutions. Mobility Integration

At RapidValue, we help to overcome this challenge for you. We enable end-to-end mobility solutions which are aligned with your existing architecture.

In addition, to providing Mobile Strategy, Mobile Applications Development, Testing, Support & Maintenance, we have a team of mobility integration experts to connect your corporate systems such as CRM, ERP, Web applications, E-Commerce etc. through the middleware (SAP, SharePoint, Java connector, .Net connector etc.) or point-to-point integration (using web services) with the mobile enterprise applications. Our main mobility integration services include mobile-server integration and machine-to-machine integration.

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Enterprise System Enablement

Accessing the right information at the right time within the enterprise is critical and challenging. To achieve high productivity and customer satisfaction, employees expect to be connected to their colleagues and customers all the time. These applications provide employees access to the corporate information from anywhere, any device and in a secure manner. In any organization, there will be a large number of corporate systems and multiple vendors will be dealt with. This often leads to compatibility issues.

At RapidValue, our technical experts enable enterprises in ‘Digital Transformation’ and unlock value from your existing systems by addressing omni-channel access across all devices. We integrate your corporate systems (including any modifications to your systems) and resolve any compatibility issues in order to allow your staff to communicate with co-workers and customers seamlessly. With in-depth technological understanding and consulting experience, we have the expertise to mobilize various enterprise modules and systems. We enable your staff to access corporate information from these systems in a highly secure manner. read more

The most efficient digital solutions are the ones that have the control to drive the workforce in an omni-channel way, by integrating back-end enterprise applications such as E-commerce, Web applications, mainframes, EMR, ERP, CRM, CMS, custom-built applications etc. which could be accessed from any Internet-enabled device such as legacy phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, at any time.

At RapidValue, we understand these integration challenges, IT concerns and multiple vendor systems compatibility issues. Thus, we fully analyze your corporate system architecture and only then we deploy the digital solution, offering full integration with back-end systems in real-time with uninterrupted access to data.

enterprise system enablementOur team is equipped with talented engineers who possess complete knowledge about mobile development, integration and management technologies. They also have the expertise in server technologies to build an end-to-end solution. RapidValue’s Enterprise System Enablement Solution includes building and enabling Web Applications (.Net, Java, PHP, Hadoop); Content Management Systems; Packaged Apps (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Applications, JD Edwards, Seibel) and MEAP implementation such as SAP and Kony Solutions.

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Round-the-clock technical support and regular maintenance is critical to any organization. We have a dedicated team of technical support experts located in India and in the U.S. to provide you with multi-level support. We help you 24/7 with any kind of query that you may have with regards to the Omni-channel application we have implemented for you.

Some of the support services include –

  1. Deploying the apps to app stores/enterprise stores
  2. Providing enterprise training programs
  3. Integrating to complex corporate systems
  4. Responding to customer queries

And some of the maintenance services include:

  1. Periodic monitoring of the deployed service
  2. Regular upgrade of the existing application as and when new versions are released
  3. Providing Operating Systems related enhancements
  4. Ensuring functionality updates

To learn more about our support and maintenance process and services, please write to

24/7 Toll Free(877)-643-1850(US)

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