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Mobile Strategy

Mobile Statergy

Most enterprise decision makers understand that mobile applications are an important part of their business strategy. Defining a comprehensive strategy before embarking on a mobility implementation will ensure maximum ROI and avoid redundant and non-scalable technical architectures.

The strategy is described in a project charter that includes user needs/expectations, user experience concepts, technical architecture, risk analysis, a release plan and a long-term mobility roadmap. RapidValue’s mobile strategists combine in-depth industry knowledge with best practices approach for strategy development. Our mobile strategists perform ROI analysis, create a mobile functionality roadmap, analyze and recommend the right technology options for your business. The result is the right mobile strategy for your organization one that fully leverages advanced mobile technology to meet your business objectives. read more

Mobile Engineering

Mobile EngineeringDesignMobile Development Mobile Testing

The mobile solution and its ecosystem are huge, rapidly growing and moving forward faster than expected. Mobility seems to have the highest impact on enterprises today. Managing a real-time enterprise, enabling a mobile workforce, and understanding the value of data driven decision making has become critical for organizations.

Enterprise mobility allows you to operate efficiently, reduces cost, increases productivity, improves sales, provides flexibility and above all abides by organization’s business strategy and security compliance. At RapidValue, we have a large team of domain experts who understand this space in-depth, analyze customer’s business requirements and implement mobility services to suit their enterprise ecosystem. Our global team possesses comprehensive set of skills to provide end-to-end mobility services – right from designing the User Interface, developing the mobile application till deploying the right mobile application certified by our QA team.

  • Design

    Mobile applications need to be intuitive and friendly; hence user experience (UX) design plays a crucial role in mobile application development. A user experience should be aesthetically pleasing, consistent with your brand, and so responsive to user needs that they don’t notice the design talent and attention to detail that went into it. read more

  • Mobile Development

    Building for multiple – platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile gets challenging due to large number of operating system versions and variety of device form-factors. Enterprises expect a seamless experience with top-notch mobile apps for their users to consume. read more

  • Mobile Testing

    Testing software for mobile devices and tablets require a unique set of skills that combine mobile domain expertise, thorough knowledge of tools and best practices, in-depth knowledge of enterprise level business requirements and challenges. read more

Mobility Integration

Mobility Integration

People rely on their smart phones, tablet devices and laptops for all kinds of activities. For consumers for shopping and entertainment, and for professionals as an extension of their offices, to collaborate, engage with customers, and get work done. As the power and capabilities of mobile devices continues to grow, taking advantage of powerful new mobile applications and the unique capabilities of mobile devices become even more valuable. Many organizations are eagerly participating in this mobile revolution.

Mobility is not just about developing a mobile application; it involves connecting the entire ecosystem within your enterprise. We have a team of mobility consultants and experts who can study your enterprise systems in-depth, and implement the integration services within your enterprise by connecting your enterprise mobile applications and corporate systems such as – EMR, ERP, MDM, E-Commerce, Web Applications, CRM etc. through Middleware/ MEAP solutions. read more

Enterprise System Enablement

Accessing the right information at the right time within the enterprise is critical and challenging. To achieve high productivity and customer satisfaction, employees hope to be connected with their co-workers and customers all the time by providing them with corporate information from anywhere, any device in a secure manner. Within any organization there will be large number of corporate systems and from multiple vendors. This often leads to compatibility issues.

At RapidValue, our technical experts enable enterprises in ‘Mobility Driven Transformations’ and unlock value from your existing systems by addressing universal access across all devices including desktops. We integrate your corporate systems (including any modifications to your systems) and resolve any compatibility issues to allow your staff to communicate with co-workers and customers seamlessly. With in-depth technology understanding and consulting experience, we have the expertise to mobilize various enterprise modules and systems. We enable your staff to access corporate information from these systems in a highly secure method. read more

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Salesforce1
  • HTML5
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Round-the-clock technical support and regular maintenance is critical to run any service well. Given that there are multiple types of mobile devices and Operating Systems to support, we have a dedicated team of technical support experts located in India and the U.S. to provide you with multi-level support. We help you 24/7 with any glitches you may have in the mobile application we have implemented for you.

Some of the support services include – deploying the apps to app stores/enterprise stores; providing enterprise training programs; integrating to complex corporate systems; responding to customer queries. And some of the maintenance services include – periodic monitoring of the deployed service; regular upgrade of the existing application as and when new versions are released; provide Operating Systems related enhancements; ensure functionality updates. To learn more about our support and maintenance process and services, please write to contactus@rapidvaluesolutions.com

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