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RapidValue provides end-to-end testing and QA services in mobility, cloud and big data. We focus in three main areas of testing:

  1. User experience and usability focus (beyond technology)
  2. Deep technology and domain understanding of mobility testing
  3. Turnkey services for mobility, cloud and big data management
Mobile Testing

Key Service Offerings

We possess strong expertise in leading open source and proprietary tools for functional automation. We help to enable selection of the best possible tools for any project. Our dedicated team follows a meticulous process, for enhancing usability and user experience. We offer a wide range of services. These services include:

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsFunctional & User Acceptance

On real device
iOS, Android and Windows platforms
Context driven approach by analyzing the user and user needs
Exploratory testing to ensure stability
Automated regression suites

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsConformance & Compatibility

Conformance to app store and Google Play Store guidelines
Compatibility towards older versions
Installation and Uninstallation

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsAutomation Testing

Test automation framework, AccuRate
Single script for multiple platforms & devices
Test execution, test control & test management
Supports open source tools (Appium, Protractor, Selenium etc.)

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsPerformance, Stress & Load

UI responsiveness, resource usage
App, Server and DB performance
Peak load – Big Data
Automated performance & load tests

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsNetwork & Field Testing

Real networks (3G,4G,Wifi..) on devices
Simulators to simulate the networks
Network virtualization using tools
Field testing beyond lab test

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsAPI/Web Service Testing

API/Web Service test automation framework using open source tools
Tool expertise: SOAP UI, jMeter, Charles Proxy, Fiddler etc.

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsUsability

Collaborate with UI\UX experts
Persona creation and surveys
User experience beyond wireframes

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsCloud Testing

Apps hosted in cloud
E2E testing of devices, cloud and database

Mobile Testing Services & SolutionsSecurity & Penetration Testing

OWASP guidelines
Vulnerability assessment
Penetration testing
Certification through third party providers

Device Lab

We have a dedicated testing lab with various devices, open source and proprietary tools. This lab is characterized by:

Mobile Testing
Wide collection of devices iOS, Android, Windows Platforms
Private and dedicated network zones for the purpose of testing the application during the varying signal strength
Device Cloud (third party) for selecting device of our choice and Perfecto mobile tool for network virtualization
Automated testing tools for cross-platform testing
Performance and load testing lab
Security vulnerability assessment and penetration testing lab
Security certification through third party providers

Technologies and Capabilities

Focus Area Open Source Proprietary Tools
Functional automation
Selenium (Selendroid)
BrowserStack (Cross Browser Testing)
Perfecto Mobile
Performance, Load, Cloud and Analytics
RedLine Cloud
Perfecto Mobile
Security & Penetration Testing
Burp Proxy
OWASP Guidelines


Web Inspect
Fortify on Demand
Certification through 3rd party (ViaForensics, iViZ, We45)
API Web Services testing
Charles proxy


Case Studies

Case Study 1: eBay

Mobile Testing Services & Solutions

  • The Customer: The company eBay Inc. is an American multinational Internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.
  • About the App: The customer wanted an end-to-end testing of their application on iOS device. They also required implementation of automation framework. With eBay’s iPhone and iPad app, you can search and buy new items, articles of famous designers and brands, and millions of ads for clothes, shoes and accessories from international sellers. The app displays the application’s unique and limited period clothing and accessories from leading designer deals. And you can set notifications to receive alerts of new deals early.
  • Solution: We have performed the mobile manual testing for iOS apps and mobile automation for iOS using Appium/ UI automator. Solution included creation of test strategy, test plan, test metrics, test cases and test results for the end-to-end solution, API level testing using Charles Proxy Server and network testing. Notifications testing, compatibility and conformance testing were also performed, along with continuous integration, using Appium automation.
  • Valued Services: High quality is ensured and stability of the apps is provided. We ensured the quality of the documents such as test plan, test cases, test strategy, test results and sign-off document. Satisfying the needs of stakeholders is of utmost importance and we worked towards achieving that. We, also, ensured that the end customers got a better experience, as expected by them.

Case Study 2: University of Phoenix

Mobile Testing Services & Solutions

  • The Customer: The University of Phoenix is an American for-profit institution of higher learning, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. They offer campus and online degree programs, certificate courses, and individual online classes.
  • About the App: The customer wanted end-to-end testing of their application for, both, Android and iPhone devices. They also required implementation of automation framework and provide backend deployment support. University of Phoenix Mobile application developed by RapidValue allows you to organize your day, connect with your class and access your courses from anywhere at anytime. Whether your courses are in the Online Learning System or the New Classroom, Phoenix Mobile will help you get more from your education experience.
  • Solution: We performed the mobile manual testing for iOS and Android apps, along with, mobile automation for iOS and Android, using Appium. Creation of test plan, test metrics, test results, test strategy and test cases, for the custom features, was also a part of the many solutions. Solutions include sanity and regression support for the production changes and API level testing, using Charles Proxy Server and Web Services testing. Notifications testing and Integration testing, between mobile and web applications, form an important part of the solution offerings. We have, also, performed ST Regression for each patch release, for web application and test execution for Beta release candidate builds. In addition, we performed continuous integration for Appium automation.
  • Valued Services: We ensured high quality and stability of the apps. Quality of the documents like test plan, test cases, test strategy, test results etc. is maintained. We ensured that the app works as per the expectation of the end customer. The app has a rating of 4+ on the app store with over 500,000 users.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on testing the QuickMobile Project. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly valuable. It is a joy for us to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues. You are great contributors and we are proud to have you as part of our team and look forward to your future contributions for QuickMobile.

– Lina Avshalumov, QuickMobile, QA Lead

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