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Mobile Testing

RapidValue offers end-to-end Mobile Testing Services. Right from creating test plan, preparing test cases by analyzing the functional and non-functional requirements for the mobile application, coordinating unit testing, system testing to user acceptance testing. This ensures that your IT resources are not affected and you can focus on creating business value.

Mobile Testing

We follow SCRUM development model – our testing team is an integral part of the development team during the entire project development stages. We provide 24 hours dedicated QA team to support our onsite and offsite development team.

Dedicated Device Lab


It is essential for an organization to possess an effective and established mobile testing lab especially when the company contemplates on the expansion of its business and decides to provide more assistance on mobility services. After meticulous observation of the current market trends, it has become vital to have a mobile testing lab to assist people across various spheres. We are happy to provide support to multiple devices across several platforms. Mobile testing lab aims to make our mobile application testing process more effective and beneficial thus, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

At RapidValue, we have a dedicated and well-maintained device lab for testing all the mobile applications before it is deployed to the end-users.

Some of our valued services include:

Proper collection of devices that include Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows; Phones and Tablets
Ensuring the availability of diversities through cloud-based testing
Private and dedicated network zones for the purpose of testing the application during the varying signal strength
Cross-platform testing with the use of automated testing tools
Enhancement of manual testing to ensure promptness and ensuring swift flow through parallel device testing and also, usage of the common used-case repository
  • Device Collection
    • In this high-tech era, people have already become gadget freaks. Smart phones have made our lives quite easy, convenient and interesting. Every day there is one mobile application or the other that is being launched in the market. Millions of mobile device users around the world are downloading the apps in their tablets and smart phones. Keeping track of the overwhelming response, we tried to scale up the device collection on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and Java ME smart phones, tablets and other operating systems while adhering to the market policies and latest trends. Some of the devices include HTC, Samsung, LG, iPhone, Sony, Nexus of various models such as Desire, Optimus, Corby, Galaxy Mini, Xperia z1 and many more. All these devices can be tracked using the asset management software that helps to book the device for clients. The software can also be of useful in monitoring the device, its usage and for tracking purposes.
  • Mobile Testing using Cloud-Based Tools
    • Our Mobility Testing Lab leverages Mobile Cloud™ from Perfecto Mobile which is a leading provider of cloud-based testing solutions for mobile applications and websites. Perfecto utilizes a wide array of actual and working mobile device hardware and software that are accessible through the web. This enables the developers and testers, located globally, to access a comprehensive range of the latest mobile handsets and tablets online. The network connects the PC’s and laptops finely. These are arranged in the mobile lab where the testers are able to select any of the mobile devices which are not physically available in the lab, and then, perform all the tests on the selected device. This accomplishes the task of successful mobile application testing.
  • Automation leverage on mobile testing
    • The full-fledged and licensed automation tools are organized in our lab to accommodate to customer’s requirements. These tools reduce the testing time and make the regression testing a smooth process. The smoke testing procedure becomes a prompt process. Our lab is thus, equipped with everything to ensure the performance of the applications. We have employed trained professionals and certified engineers with the perfect expertise and exact skills. They are competent enough to work on QTP, load runner, See Test, Perfecto mobile, Robotium, Appium, Jmeter etc. Re-usable components are segregated so as to preserve it as a common repository for the resolution of customer queries and issues in a short span of time.
  • Network Zones
    • The most stimulating and thought-provoking implementation is our high-end and customized network zones. We have our own network zones for 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to ensure that the industry standards on testing are met on different mobile devices and applications with varying strengths of network signals. Keeping in mind the customer-centric market, all of our zones can adjust the signal connectivity bandwidth accordingly- from low to high. This ensures that the testing process does not lack anything.
  • Private 3G/4G Network
    • Our private 3G/4G network can provide various solutions for:
      3G based application testing and Telecom Testing
      Air-interface testing in 3G/4G networks
      Real-time Performance testing
      Real Network testing
  • Wi-Fi Zone
    • We provide Wi-Fi zones in mobility labs and also, user-controlled signal bandwidth to test the applications on both, low and high signal strength. This zone provides solution for:
      Open and secure WiFi testing
      VPN based testing on WiFi
      Real-time WiFi network testing
  • Work Stations
    • Mac/Windows /Linux work stations are available in our testing lab to accomplish the task of cross-platform based testing on different mobile platforms with mobile based client software. High performing works stations are connected with high-speed global networks. As a consequence, testing teams have developed good connectivity which is equivalent to their current local network environment. The testing at the lab is always performed at the maximum speed.
  • Manual Testing Repository
    • Manual mobile app testing forms an integral component of QA testing. We are able to identify the different procedures to improvise the traditional manual testing methods. We have successfully formed a collection server inside the mobile lab where we obtain all the test cases and use these cases which are designed for various projects. These will be arranged on the basis of each and every component in the application process. The cases that are re-usable and the test cases are kept separately. This practice reduces the testing time once a new project arrives. Also, the availability of mobile devices enables the tester to perform the cross platform testing and parallel testing on devices pretty effortlessly.

If you’d like more information on our mobile application testing methodologies or processes, please write to us at contactus@rapidvaluesolutions.com. We’re happy to connect you with our QA team.

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