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Native Mobile Applications

At RapidValue, our team of architects and developers are experts in implementing native applications. Having built mobility solutions for a large number of complex engagements, we provide a one-stop shop for all native mobile technologies. We have developed native mobile applications for the following:

  • iPhone

    iPhone’s game-changing touch-interface has created a product for the first time, that has completely revolutionized the usage of mobile devices. This has opened up doors for a wide range of applications to be ported on to the iPhone and several companies across the globe have started building an iPhone roadmap to enhance their customer relationship strategy. Following are the services we offer for iPhone platform:

    • iPhone Strategy and roadmap development
    • Development of native iPhone applications
    • Testing the mobile applications across OS versions
    • Offshore based development for optimal cost and faster implementation cycles
    • iPhone application support and maintenance

    We provide regular feature updates with which the consumer can obtain a smooth experience. Thus, ensure that we our consumers are benefited from the latest in technology.

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  • iPad

    Invention of iPad has changed the way the consumers and the enterprises use their mobile devices, whether they are at work or at home. iPad proves to be a great digital delivery platform for content across industries like media, publishing, retail, healthcare, automotive and many others.App Stores have proved to be a robust mechanism for delivering and monetizing digital content. Coupled with capabilities and convenience, tablets, especially iPad is attracting enterprises to invest in the device for their organizations.

    We provide iPad application development services by investing our expertise in iPhone and Mac development. We offer the following services:

    • iPad strategy and roadmap development
    • Development of native iPad applications
    • Testing the mobile applications across OS versions
    • Offshore based development for optimal cost and faster implementation of work-cycles
    • iPad application Support and Maintenance
    • iPhone to iPad applications Porting
    • Mac to iPad applications Porting

    We provide regular feature updates with an uninterrupted user experience and ensure that we carry out the task in time.

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  • Android

    Building for Android platform can be quite challenging due to the large number of operating system versions and the variety of device form-factors. Our team has relevant experience in building enterprise grade applications on various Android devices and OS versions. We have a dedicated QA team and device lab to ensure that the applications are tested for a large number of devices and different user scenarios. We offer the following services:

    • Build mobile strategy and roadmap for Android
    • Development of native Android applications for smartphones and tablets
    • Testing of Android apps on multiple Android devices, beyond Droid, Nexus One and T-Mobile G-1/G2
    • Offshore based development for optimal cost and faster implementation of cycles
    • Long term application support & maintenance
    • Mobile Apps Porting to Android – We can help you port your existing mobile applications to Android

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  • Windows Mobile

    We are experts in mobile application development using the Windows Mobile platform. We have worked across Windows OS versions such as 5.0, 6.0, 6.5.With the launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has taken user experience to a different level. RapidValue has been a forerunner in this launch process and has developed multiple applications on Windows Phone 7. We offer the following services:

    • Development of mobile applications using Windows Phone 7 and older versions of Windows Mobile platforms
    • Testing of apps on multiple Windows mobile devices and OS versions
    • Offshore based development for optimal cost and faster implementation of work-cycles
    • Long term application support & maintenance
    • Porting mobile applications to Windows Phone Platform

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Mobile Web Application

Evolution of technologies like HTML5 has enabled building mobile websites and mobile web apps with attractive features. Our team of architects and designers can help you build great-looking mobile web applications with these technologies.

Mobile Web
  • HTML5

    Provides developers more flexibility and enables websites to be more interactive and more powerful and with efficient applications. HTML5 is a great option for companies who are planning to attract customers on the mobile spectrum as it is both a cross-platform and cross-device solution. It is cross-platform because it virtually supports any browser. Some of the key benefits of HTML5 applications are the following:

    • Easy support for high-quality drawings, charts, animation and video
    • Availability of location through geo-location based APIs.
    • Ability to store data on the client side, leading to be able to browse offline

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  • jQuery Mobile

    A framework built on top of jQuery that provides a range of user interface elements and features to be used in the mobile apps. Some of the benefits offered by JQuery Mobile are:

    • Mark-up driven interface configuration – Create your entire basic app interface in HTML, without needing to write a single line of JavaScript.
    • Provides a series of custom events to detect touch and specific actions, so that the experience is aligned with touch-screen phones
    • Interface works on most web-enabled device
    • Easy to customize apps using themes

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  • Sencha Touch

    It is a valid HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework for Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), Google Android and other touchscreen devices. Sencha Touch supports a number of devices and platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry, which together represent about 95% of the touch-screen phones in the US market. Sencha Touch is a great solution for mobile enterprise application development. Created with familiar coding standards, Sencha Touch applications can be easily worked upon by the teams. The output is completely web-based and can be deployed without waiting for the approval or acceptance in native marketplaces.

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Cross-Mobile Platforms

Cross-mobile platforms enable building mobile applications that can work on multiple platforms, by building using familiar web-based technologies. We have the experience of developing applications on all the leading cross-mobile platforms including PhoneGap, Titanium Appcelerator and RhoMobile.

We have mobility consulting experts to help you in identifying the right platform in order to develop application as per your business requirements and road-map.

Cross Mobile Platforms
  • RhoMobile

    This is a free and open source mobile application framework. “Rhodes” allows you to quickly build native mobile applications for all smartphones – iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android. This is a native device application which work with the synchronized local data and takes advantage of the device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts, Camera, Native Mapping, Push, Alerts and Calendar.

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  • PhoneGap

    This is an HTML5 app platform that allows developing native applications, using the web technologies. Applications will get access to native APIs using the PhoneGap framework. PhoneGap supports iOS, Blackberry, Android, Palm and Windows Phone.

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  • Titanium from Appcelerator

    With Titanium, we can create native mobile, tablet and desktop application experiences using existing technologies like Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

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If you’d like to get more information about any of the development technologies or frameworks, please feel free to write to us at We are happy to connect you with our technical architects.

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