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RapidValue’s design teams are dedicated to creating an experience that makes the best impression on the people using your app, so they look forward to returning.

We follow the three main design principles of 2013: simplicity, scalability, speed.

We specialize in mobile apps and follow our proven three- stage methodology for creating a unique and compelling UX design.Our design process stems from agile and responsive digital development that incorporates tight collaboration, streamlined projects, striving for better results.

  • Vision

    RapidValue’s functionality and business experts identify and recommend the right user experience for your mobile application or service. They study your brand requirements, your goals for the application, and market and technology trends to create a design vision that best meets the needs and expectations of your users.

    • Brand Requirements
    • Business and Technology Requirements
    • Secondary Research
    • Market Trends & Analysis
    • Benchmark Analysis
  • Design

    Next, our team of user experience designers translates the proposed mobile solution into a formal design. They prepare information architecture, wire frames, and user flow, all aimed at ensuring a superb user experience. They also build demos for you to interact with so you’ll be sure the design aligns with application requirements, business goals and your corporate brand.

    • Information Architecture
    • Interaction Design
    • Usability Engineering
    • User flows
    • Wireframes
  • Detail

    Now we add detail to the design, including graphics and data inputs, to address your business processes. We build a prototype for review, evaluate design elements and conduct user acceptance testing to ensure the design meets and exceeds your expectations. Expertise with tools such as Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, iOS Interface Builder and inVision helps us create a rich, engaging user experience.

    • Visual Design and Branding
    • Graphics Detailing
    • Prototyping
    • Review and Validation
    • User Acceptance

Our UX Team Structure

Our UX Team Structure

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