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imageService technicians, in any organization, generally do a lot of field work and they are required to service/repair operations across a wide geographical area. Field service is relevant to most sectors such as telecom, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics, medical etc. which also provide after-sales service. Over the last few years, the processes with regards to communication with the customers or customer interaction, have been largely modernized. Service requests are checked by the tele-service executives as they log in and are assigned to the internal technicians for immediate action.image

The operational side of the service is a key area which requires process and technology advancements. Technicians do not generally get online responses when they get stuck in the field. There are cases where a customer suffers due to a missed service schedule. There is no way to track real-time service and task updates. Prompt dispatch of requests, monitoring these requests in real-time, tracking the work of the technicians and providing the customers with immediate invoices is the need of the hour and very essential.

RapidValue’s eQuipMe (Mobile Field Service Suite) addresses all of these issues by providing real-time communication, productivity enhancing features and critical data which can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere.

eQuipMe is an ENTERPRISE SCALE solution built on multiple device platforms (iOS, Android) and can be integrated with various enterprise back-end systems such as Oracle, SAP and legacy systems. This comprehensive mobile workforce solution can provide you with daily field service tasks list, schedule the customer appointments, view the customer/ product & service details. You can also do real-time reporting of charges and optimize the customer visits based on the location while on the move. Above all, it eases the redundancy of a manual job.

Our solution is unique in the market in three ways:

  • mobile We provide an end-to-end solution i.e. configuration, customization and integration of our Mobile Field Service Suite to exactly match the customer needs.
  • plugin Our platform has plug-in capability to integrate with existing ERP systems like Oracle, SAP and legacy systems.
  • expertise We bring in our expertise in mobile application development to provide technicians with a user-friendly interface and elegant designs.

With our end-to-end mobility solution you can extend the Field Service ERP to the field through mobile devices. eQuipMe will enable device-specific features such as signature capture, GPS tracking, video conference, image capture and many more. Some of the distinctive backend capabilities using integrated middleware include –

  • Manage applications, devices and user groups
  • Maintain user and device log details
  • Access & control policies and permissions
  • Central management alerts, messages & emails to users and groups
  • Enable communication (e-mail, voice call, video conferencing) between user groups and peers
  • Access & monitor sync conflicts and failures
  • Manage delta sync i.e. sync only updated or changed transactions
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