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Loadster Testing – How does it work?

by (December 2, 2015)

Loadster testing

Loadster workbench is an integrated environment which enables you to perform load testing. Load test can be performed using any number of virtual users. It gives us provision to record and edit the scripts and the test results are obtained after performing the test. It has an in-built load engine through which we can perform load testing with concurrent virtual users.

This blog explains Loadster Load testing and provides the details about the steps that are required to perform the load test. This blog is prepared after the successful implementation of the Load Test in one of our customer projects. The blog, essentially, gives you an idea of how Load Testing is considered to be a method to determine how an application will behave under load. “Load”, generally, refers to the total user traffic at a given time. This blog also explains how Load testing software can be used to gain knowledge about several different metrics like stress, stability, spike, scalability and baseline.

The steps to perform load testing are:

1. Scripting

2. Scenario

3. Analysis the test results

For full details, please click on the link, to download the document.


Suja B and Krishnalal E B

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