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CocoaPods – The Dependency Management Tool

by (February 9, 2015)

‘CocoaPods’ is the dependency manager for Cocoa projects, with thousands of libraries. It helps scaling your projects in an efficient manner. Need for CocoaPods An iOS developer uses several codes which are developed by others. It can be either a set of code or in the form of libraries. It becomes difficult for the developers, if they have to implement everything from the start. A depe...

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Demonstration of Touch ID – The Fingerprint Recognition Feature

by (February 2, 2015)

In 2013, Apple introduced iPhone5s and also, the new fingerprint sensor on iPhone called TouchID. Being an iOS developer, I was quite excited about this, but my excitement was short lived when I learned that there were no APIs for it. With the release of iOS8, last year, Apple introduced a new framework so that the developers could use Touch ID. The Local Authentication framework helps developer...

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Objective C vs. Swift – What’s the Difference?

by (January 8, 2015)

Ever thought that coding could be done in any other language other than Objective C in Xcode? Yes, it became possible when Apple’s WWDC  2014 came into existence on 2, June. The first update was the introduction of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. With over 4000 APIs, it was something remarkable. Along with the package, a new Programming Language named ‘Swift’ arrived, which was entirely new...

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Introduction to HttpURLConnection – HTTP Client for Performing Efficient Network Operations

by (November 21, 2014)

HttpURLConnection is a HTTP client which helps perform efficient network operations. This article reveals the features and various advantages of HttpURLConnection over other HTTP clients. Also, we delve deeper and provide meticulous detail on how to implement the response caching mechanism in Android, using the HttpResponseCache library, available in HttpURLConnection. Using HttpURLConnecti...

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Building Web and Mobile Sites Using HTML5 – A Beginner’s Guide

by (November 3, 2014)

HTML5 is the most popular  buzz word in the web designing space, loaded with support for the latest multimedia contents, while keeping it easy to code and making it lighter. HTML5 is intended to subsume not only HTML4, but also XHTML1 and  JavaScript, making websites  expand  into programs and not being restricted to being mere pages. Is the support  for advanced graphics, audio and vi...

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‘Geofencing’: Using Core Location for Regional Monitoring in iOS Applications

by (August 26, 2014)

  A ‘Geofence’ is a geographical area defined by a circle of a specified radius around a known point on the Earth’s surface. More specifically, a geofence is a virtual barrier, set around a specified centre and a radius.Any program that incorporates geofencing feature, is likely to respond to the user’s entry and exit across a specified boundary. It is the administrators’ pri...

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Memory Management Algorithm in Mobile Platforms

by (August 18, 2014)

Memory management is one of the integral and crucial topics in the field of software development. It is a task of allocating memory dynamically to programs at their requests and then releasing them for reuse when they are no longer required. It plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any software application. Memory management is mainly focused on the allocation of the object on dem...

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Knowing Schema Change Between Core Data Versions

by (August 12, 2014)

Core Data Versioning & Core Data Migration Core Data Versioning helps you to maintain data in your app, as app evolves. We can manage ‘managed object model’ changes between different versions of the app with the help of core data versioning. Core Data Migration is the process of transferring data from existing core data store to new managed object model. While using core data we ...

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Leveraging Existing Skill-set for Oracle ADF Mobile App Development

by (June 23, 2014)

Most of the leading mobile OS platforms provide own Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile application development using native coding languages. An iOS app is developed using objective C, Android using java, windows mobile app using C# or VB.NET and so on. So in order to deploy an application in iOS and Android we need to develop the application in their corresponding languages which requi...

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All You Need to Know on iBeacon

by (June 16, 2014)

iBeacon is a specification for normal BLE devices in which they keep transmitting the same signal repeatedly which contains a UUID, Major, Minor and a power value which are used to identify the beacon and the distance from the beacon. This leads to devices with Bluetooth 4.0 to be able to detect these beacons and for developers to be able to take advantage of this by programming apps to re...

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