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3 Important Features to Consider in Modern Day Field Service Mobile Applications


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Excellence is now an expected standard for many consumers and falling short can be the difference between growth and decline for organizations. For a field service organization that means, getting service right the first time. Time is vital in balancing service excellence with cost. The world of service has become more complex as each new technology advancement is identified and every opportunity is leveraged to speed issue resolution. But the end goal for most businesses remains the same in just about every industry and for
every service organization – “keep customers happy”.

One of the toughest aspects of field service operation is to predict; when will a customer asset break, which technician has the right skills to fix that asset, how many technicians should be available to handle peaks in demand? These are just a few questions that arise for the service business on a daily basis. According to a recent Aberdeen research report on Field Service, the #1 reason why customers were unhappy with service was that the technician did not resolve the issue the first time.

Also, technicians are responsible for making detailed documentation based on the information gathered on the field. Traditionally, field workers rely on hand written notes which they jot down on the fly and later enter the details into the system from their office computers. This tedious and time consuming process can add hours to an already long work week, making it difficult to meet reporting deadlines and causing high rate of employee burnout. Modern day mobile systems that enable text notes, voice notes, image notes along with real-time collaboration and access to a knowledge repository could solve this problem with ease.

Voice notes function enables field professional to dictate notes on to their smartphones and record them for future reference. Being able to take images of the job and storing them along with a voice note increases credibility of the report and acts as a reference for other technicians who may be called upon to service that customer asset the next time or a similar job for another customer.
Collaboration through live chat and video calling makes it easier for your staff to “know all the answers” because they can quickly ask colleagues if they come across a difficult or unknown situation. A well planned knowledge repository is then required to store all the knowledge that has been gathered by technicians at various service locations. This repository ensures technicians can have access to the vast knowledge base and are able to search and lookup the right reports quickly and in a secure manner.

Find enclosed a whitepaper by RapidValue Solutions that addresses the demands and challenges for the service industry, and how text notes, voice notes and image notes featured on a mobile application, real-time collaboration through live chat and video calling, and knowledge repository in mobile solutions can make it easier for technician to perform and overcome some of the challenges.

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