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Unicom 2017
AccuRate (Test Automation Solution Accelerator ) - Best Testing Tool of the Year, 2017 Read More

AccuRate is a next-gen test automation solution accelerator for organizations to go-to-market quickly, while assuring continuous quality.

The presence of too many platforms and different screen sizes is challenging for developers and testers to release bug-free application, on time. Moreover, additional resources are required for writing different scripts for different device platforms. This isn’t an efficient way to test applications. To solve these challenges, RapidValue has built a radically new testing automation solution for developers and testers to accelerate software release cycles and is being used by over 20 customers. AccuRate is an all-in-one solution for test automation across various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Web) and desktop browsers in real-time. It includes 600+ pre-built functions for mobile and web automation leveraging open source tools like Appium, Selenium and Protractor.

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Saves Effort

Reduces script development time by 50-60% and achieves easy maintenance of any UI related changes. You can also, perform simultaneous test execution on multiple devices and browsers.

Reduces Cost

You have on-premise and cloud based device farm to save recurring infrastructure cost and the testing cost is reduced by 50%.

Simplifies Automation

No dependency on highly-skilled test automation engineers and you have drag-and-drop scripting by non-coders.

Quicker Time to Market

Reduces the development life cycle thereby, enabling your business to market quickly and helping to gain a competitive advantage.

Higher ROI

The one-stop solution for test automation for mobile, web and cloud is a one-time investment and ensures profitability for the company in the long run.

Key Features

Accelerated Testing

Accelerated Testing

Accelerated Testing

Zero-code Scripting
All-in- one Test Script
Eclipse Plugin
In-built Library

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

CI Servers
Defect Management Tools
Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Robust DevOps

Robust DevOps

Robust DevOps

Parallel Test Execution Cloud
On-premise Device Farm
Reusable Workflows


In this digital age, the presence of too many platforms, OS versions and different screen sizes is challenging for developers and testers, to release bug-free apps, on time. Moreover, specialized resources are required for writing different scripts for iOS and Android. Adding to the complexity is the Agile and DevOps world, wherein new features get developed and tested continuously. Test automation is getting increasingly adopted to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing.

This diagram illustrates the typical deployment architecture of AccuRate and integration to third party systems.

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