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Achieving Higher Business Value with a Dedicated Digital Team


It’s said that great things in business are never done by one person and that they’re done by a team of people. This is the very principle on which outsourced product development banks on because without a dedicated team of digital experts it is nearly impossible to roll out a high-quality product. An experienced dedicated team does not only provide resources, but they also add to the business value in a significant way. Companies outsource talent not to simply develop a product but one that is sure to create a ripple in the market. How do they do it and what makes them an indispensable part of OPD? Read on to know more. 

Staying Ahead of the Curve 

With every player in the industry trying to outrun each other, it becomes very crucial to be innovative and updated about the latest trends and technology. An offshore team is specialized with the right skill set to help their clients remain at the top of their game. The client could be assured of the fact that the talent at their disposal have enough hands-on experience to help them achieve the desired results. The relationship could either be for a long or a brief period depending on the business value that is driven by a team of digital experts. Simply put, outsourcing ensures that the required support will be provided for developing the product from the assigned dedicated personnel. The team would provide proper assistance during the product design and development and also during the product sustenance. 

High quality, commitment and control over the team as promised by the dedicated team model makes it the better option when compared to assigning the work to the in-house team. An experienced software company could help eliminate possible risks and aid in producing overwhelming results for the client. 

For a better clarity, here is an example of how our team of technologists revamped the entire legacy system for a leading life insurance provider. With the maintenance costs of their legacy systems increasing exponentially, they were on the lookout for innovation and technology to build a solution for its future growth. Our team of dedicated digital experts made this transition smoothly and effectively by setting up three streams. One for underwriting, one for claims and one for onboarding with a total of 30 employees divided into four scrum teams. The team re-architected the onboarding system to build a scalable technology that interacts with the existing legacy system and works a million times faster. While the earlier system processed one application in nine minutes, the advanced solution built by our team of digital experts enabled the system to process 10,000 applications in 46 seconds. Also, the underwriting application built with AI, automated 97% of application processing and our dedicated team of technologists helped the client to upgrade their system and produce first-class results within a short period. The dedicated team leveraged its past experience and rich domain expertise and helped the client launch their products and services faster and achieve improved business performance.

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Added Business Value: The USP of Dedicated Team Model

The offshore team of dedicated digital experts enable better efficiency and also aid in cutting down any previous revenue losses by opting the most advanced and well-structured plan of action. As mentioned earlier, the teams are adept at foreseeing the possible pitfalls and providing solutions for the same. They offer solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of the product/service for a long period of time.

This could be demonstrated with an example from our previous experience of working with a client who is a leading identity document validation solutions provider in the UK. While helping them with their product development, our team of digital experts also succeeded in adding business value to their product. At a particular instance our team realized that their web app was built on Angular JS and strongly recommended them to migrate to Angular 7 because the product has third-party integrations and it was quite possible for the plugins to stop supporting JS in the future. The team sent a proposal defending their recommendation citing the advantages of migrating to Angular 7 and the drawbacks of Angular JS. It was communicated to the client that Angular JS involves scope and two-way bindings which could result in performance issues when the application becomes too large which could ultimately lead to a bigger crisis when the client tries to onboard more users or add more features. Also since Angular JS does not allow the modularized development structure, the entire application needs to be loaded at once and this would increase the loading time depending on the size of the application and cause performance issues and  customer dissatisfaction. Angular 7 being faster than Angular JS, users will undergo a better experience which would result in increased average customer stay time. The proposal was precise and provided substantiating evidence to prove that the migration to Angular 7 would result in decreased loading time, better performance and efficiency. As proposed, the migration resulted in improved results and customer satisfaction.

A dedicated team of digital experts goes beyond product development and helps in providing added business value to the client. This is undoubtedly the USP of the dedicated team model and the reason behind various organizations choosing an offshore team of technologists rather than depending on the in-house ones. 


Amritha Nampalat, Marketing Executive, RapidValue


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