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Achieve Higher Business Agility Through Agile Development Services

In today’s fast-evolving business world, Agile engineering methodologies are getting increasingly adopted by enterprises to quickly respond to market opportunities, improve productivity and reduce cost.

At RapidValue, more than 90% of development engagements are executed leveraging agile principles. RapidValue has a large pool of highly experienced agile professionals and certified scrum masters who continuously work to incorporate frameworks and best practices to accelerate software development. With our proven 2-week sprint plan that includes multiple intermediate builds, we ensure features are built right the very first time.

Agile Product Development Services & Solutions

  • Agile Consulting and Assessment

    We have expertise in Agile consulting services, development, maintenance and testing. With Agile Development Solutions, RapidValue offers an exclusive environment for better collaboration, coordination and communication.

  • Agile Development Framework – Xcelerate

    RapidValue’s Xcelerate framework is a unique iterative methodology based on Scrum with well-defined QA and defect management processes that aims to deliver visible and incremental value. It prioritizes delivering working software iteratively and promotes leveraging feedback to improve the application. 

  • Agile Product Development

    Our Agile methodology helps you to produce high-quality software in a cost-effective and timely manner to meet stakeholders’ changing needs. RapidValue’s mature Agile development capabilities assists you to get your product to market faster than ever before.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

    Our Agile and DevOps driven software delivery processes enables Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery speeding up the release process by enabling teams to find and fix bugs earlier in the development cycle and delivering new builds into the hands of users as quickly as possible. 

DevOps Services & Solutions

RapidValue follows Agile and DevOps processes for most of its project engagements. From building DevOps roadmap and strategy to automate the software release management, RapidValue can help you across your DevOps journey. We have standardized processes, templates, guidelines and checklists for helping you take the right first step towards your DevOps transformation. Our DevOps solutions and services bridge the gap between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations thereby enabling you achieve faster app releases, while improving operational performance drastically.

Agile Product Development Architecture

Our customized solution accelerators and pre-built, ready-to-use, reusable artifacts help you to accelerate your product development process. We follow Agile product development architecture and proven team governance frameworks for most of our projects. The architecture has been designed to guide the team in a direction that will give them the best chance for success, with the flexibility to build the software in an agile manner. Our Agile product development architecture is pragmatic, helps to deliver business value, assists in maximizing stakeholder value, and manages change and complexity. Our Agile Development Framework proves to be most suitable to the DevOps age of operating smarter and faster.

Benefits Delivered by Our Agile Development Methodology


Accelerate time-to-market by 30%

With our in-house tools and proven agile delivery processes, enterprises can achieve faster time-to-market.


Create high-quality products

New product features are always planned for the next iteration, which allows us to deliver bug-free solutions on the very first go.


Enable predictable software delivery

Our time-boxed delivery approach helps you build and
integrate new features seamlessly.


Reduce cost by 20%

Our agile delivery processes and flexible engagement models help clients make better investment decisions and also improve business RoI.


Achieve 100% business transparency

We collaborate with our clients throughout the project and provide them complete visibility into the progress.


Greater Adaptability and Reduced Risk

Our efficient Agile teams are able to better react to emerging changes which helps in reducing the risk of a complete project failure.

Agile Product Development for a Leading ISV in the Education Industry
Case Study

Agile Product Development for a Leading ISV in the Education Industry

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