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Smart Asset Manager

A Self-learning IoT Solution Adding Cognizance to Your Operations

Awards & Recognition
Markets & Markets 2017
RapidValue Featured as a Key Innovator in Remote Asset Management Market Research, 2017 Read More

AsseteZe brings in a holistic approach to asset monitoring and management.

AsseteZe is an IoT-enabled smart asset management solution which allows the assets and the teams managing the assets function as an integrated unit. This enables organizations to transform their operations, digitally. AsseteZe allows you to create intelligent assets, enable brilliant operations and increase return on assets. In addition,

  • Digitizes the where, what and when of your asset operations and optimizes the same.
  • View critical data and key KPIs to diagnose the cause of an event and gain more control on your assets.
  • Advanced analytics enables you to predict the next likely occurrence and recommends the best course of action.

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Key Features

Real-time Asset Tracking & Health Monitoring

Remotely monitor your assets and receive real-time, detailed insights about the condition of the assets and its status. Set alerts as per pre-defined rules.

Predictive Maintenance

Move from a reactive corrective maintenance to a more predictive in-time maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime. Thus, increase asset reliability.

Smart Service Automation

Automate your asset service or inspection based on the usage and current state of the assets. Increase first time fix rates and reduce turnaround time with intelligent service scheduler.

Brilliant Operations

Increase your team and asset utilization with better planning and scheduling. Assign the right assets to the right team at the right time.

Predict Asset Reliability & Lifetime

Forecast the useful life of assets and increase your RoA with analytics based insights on asset lifetime. Make key decisions regarding asset lifecycle to ensure optimum TCO.

Key Differentiators

Secure  Connectivity

Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity

Encrypted data storage and transfer to keep your data secure.

Platform  Independent

Platform Independent

Platform Independent

Work with any existing platform or build your custom platform.

Modular  Solution

Modular Solution

Modular Solution

Solution components can be deployed as per the use case.

Interoperable &  Integrated

Interoperable & Integrated

Interoperable & Integrated

Integrate with your existing ERP and other enterprise applications.

Cloud Ready & Scalable

Cloud Ready & Scalable

Cloud Ready & Scalable

Extend the solution to any number of assets either movable or non-movable assets. Hosted on cloud infrastructure.

Device  Agnostic

Device Agnostic

Device Agnostic

Connect your existing devices and hardware or custom build hardware.

Key Industries


Heavy Equipment & Construction

Logistics & Transportation

Energy & Utilities

Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments
Case Study

Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments

RapidValue developed a cloud-based application to manage assets, asset lifecycle, utilization and rental status.Through this solution, we achieved high visibility and data accuracy of the equipment utilization for one of the largest heavy equipment rental companies in the United States.

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