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Automation Testing – Why is it Essential for Mobile/Web Apps?


Mobile Automation Testing

Why the need for Automated Testing?

Every software developer tests its products to ensure that the delivered software does not have defects. The test engineers strive hard to eliminate them before the product is released in the market but these defects always seem to creep in. They manage to often, reappear even after the developer makes use of the best manual testing processes. Test Automation software is considered to be the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing.

Manual Testing v/s Automated Testing

Manual software testing is performed by a person who sits in front of a computer and carefully, goes through the application screens and tries various usages and input combinations. The developer then, compares the results to the expected behavior and records his/her observations. These tests are often, repeated during the development cycles for source code changes. Manual tests also, take place during situations like multiple operating environments and hardware configurations.

An automated testing tool is efficient as it is able to playback the pre-recorded and predefined actions. They can compare the results to the expected behavior and report the success or failure of the manual tests to a test engineer. Once automated tests are created they can easily, be repeated and extended to perform tasks that seem impossible with manual testing. Developers and managers have found out automated software testing to be an essential and important component of successful development projects.

If you want to ensure quality on your application, it should be properly tested. Both manual and automated testing is essential when you want to achieve that goal.

Gaining Popularity

Automated software testing has become critical for software development organizations. There is pressure to deliver functionality on the application and one is less likely to be involved with the time consuming process of manual testing. Automated testing acts as a safer option against the old features or regression tests. It, also, consumes less of the developer’s and tester’s time, allowing them to focus on the more important tasks at hand in a proficient manner.

The Key Benefits – Automation Testing

1.Saves Time and Reduces Cost

Software tests have to be repeated often, during development cycles in order to ensure quality. Manually repeating these tests is expensive and consumes a lot of time. Automated tests can be run over and over again, at no additional cost. They are much faster as compared to manual tests. Automated software testing can reduce the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours. This time saved, translates directly into cost savings.

2.Increases Your Test Coverage

Automated software testing has the ability to increase the depth and scope of tests in order to help improve the software quality. Test automation can, easily, execute a huge number of different complex test cases, during every test run. It can provide coverage that is not easily possible with manual testing.

3.Improves Accuracy

Automated tests perform steps precisely, every time they are executed and record the detailed results. Test engineers can now, free themselves from the repetitive manual tests and have ample time to create new automated software tests while, dealing with more complex features.

4.Does What Manual Testing Cannot

Automated testing can simulate thousands of virtual users, interacting with a network, software and web applications.

5.Provides Immense Help to Developers and Testers

Tests can run automatically, whenever the source code changes. These are checked-in and the team or developer gets notified, if they fail. Features like these save the developers time and increase their confidence level.

6.Improves the Team Morale

Automated software testing executes repetitive tasks which give the team time to concentrate on more critical and challenging projects. Team members improve their skill sets and hence, they are able to pass those gains on to the organization, resulting in success.

Popular Automation Testing Tools

There are several automation testing platforms and tools available. Some are paid and some are free. Some of the popular ones known in the industry for mobile and web testing applications are:

What to Expect

As per the industry experts, automated testing will become more effective and enhanced. There will be new scope for user friendliness and avenues for integration between tools. Developers and testers will be able to combine different tools to fit their requirements and needs. Automation testing is an effective means of eliminating or reducing the manual effort during the execution of regression tests and functional test cases. Also, there are lesser chances of errors as defects get reduced considerably, since mistakes do not occur once the script is developed.  Automation testing is the preferred one as it is more economical, considering the factors of time and quality.


Test automation has been successful in securing its place in today’s software development cycle.  All the test managers have started relying on this new methodology of performing testing. Developers have realized that it is way better to test software by automation testing technique, using the automation tool, efficiently and effectively. It is far more effective in terms of time, cost, resources etc.  Automation testing will gain more popularity eventually, as it increases productivity, software quality and testing coverage, reduces testing time, supports various applications, reduces the amount of repetitive work and provides greater consistency.

As a developer and test engineer what are your thoughts?


Nairita Goswami

Market Research Specialist, RapidValue


  1. Anuraj says:

    Nice article which point outs many key things regarding the automation which is becoming a trend no-a-days. But you forgot to mention a key things. The purpose of automation. The real purpose of automation is to reduce manual effort needed for testing (as you have specified as Save time) and re-invest that time for manual testing (which is not mentioned here). There is a misconcept that automation could replace manual testers, but the real thing is that by automating an application, we get more time to test manually and thereby increase the coverage of testing.

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