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AWS Serverless
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Serverless Application Development - Built to Scale

Serverless architecture enables developers to focus more on their core product and less time on provisioning and maintaining servers to run their applications. AWS Lambda is the perfect example of a serverless architecture computing execution layer in the cloud and it’s getting increasingly adopted to scale up the application development process.
  • No administration overhead & easier operational management.

  • Auto scaling – Ideal when you need to handle peaks in load.

  • Simplified code deployment and faster software release.

  • Well integrated with microservices-based architecture.

  • Reduced operational costs.

  • Integrated security model and third-party services.

Our AWS Serverless Development Expertise

RapidValue’s AWS Cloud experts have the right mix of cutting-edge software development expertise and AWS tools and services proficiency. We have helped several business leverage AWS Serverless cloud development for building scalable applications while take infrastructure maintenance completely out of the picture. Based on our experience of implementing serverless architecture in multiple projects, we can help you identify functions where serverless will be most effective while achieving continuous scaling and improved application performance.

Our AWS serverless technologies include:

  • AWS Lambda

  • Lambda@Edge

  • AWS Fargate

  • Amazon S3

  • Amazon Elastic File System

  • Amazon DynamoDB

  • Amazon Aurora Serverless

  • Amazon RDS Proxy

  • Amazon API Gateway

  • Amazon SNS

  • Amazon SQS

  • AWS AppSync

  • Amazon EventBridge

  • AWS Step Functions

  • Amazon Kinesis

  • Amazon Athena

Our AWS Cloud Services

aws lambda serverless
Our team has extensive expertise on AWS products and solutions and we help enterprises leverage broad services provided by the AWS Cloud platform to achieve their business and IT objectives. From modernizing legacy systems to developing enterprise and customer-focused Cloud & Mobile applications, we help businesses across industries build scalable solutions, powered by Agile & DevOps processes. Drawing from the vast experience of successfully implementing multiple AWS Cloud engagements, RapidValue has developed several solution accelerators, reusable AWS Cloud artifacts and reference architecture libraries which ensure faster application development on Cloud.

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