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Barnes & Noble up for sale – Another one in the series of disruptions brought in by mobile devices?


“Barnes & Noble (BKS.N), the number one U.S. book store chain, is putting itself up for sale as business suffers in the high-stakes battle for a leading role in the digital books market. – Reuters”

Its only been a year or two since we have been hearing about e-readers in a big way – We are already looking at a leading book-seller up for sale, impacted by the changing business models. According to a leading analyst, going private would allow Barnes & Noble to accelerate its investment in its digital book platform.

“How do you value an asset for the future when the entire market is being essentially turned upside down?” said Forrester analyst James McQuivey”

It is interesting to note that valuing the firm has become difficult in a market that is now dominated by electronic books, with huge competition from Amazon and Apple. Bring in the fact that Apple was not even in the digital publishing space two years back, and the state of disruption becomes clear.

Publishing is certainly one of the industries which is at cross-roads introduced by mobility and other new technology. Any other industries that you think of in similar situation?

Rajesh P
RapidValue Solutions

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