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BlackBerry 10: What’s the impact on Enterprise Mobility?


The BlackBerry 10 has arrived! On 30th Jan’13, Research In Motion (RIM) unveiled its latest BlackBerry mobile devices – BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones for users worldwide. The device is available for Asia, Canada, Middle East and UK markets this month. And for the U.S. region in March’13. The phone has won millions of followers, especially in Asian countries – India and Indonesia. This is due to the attractive price and service package offered in these two emerging markets. As per IDC reports (leading market research firm) Indonesia was BlackBerry’s biggest market outside the United States and Britain in 2012, while India was ninth. ABI Research said that BlackBerry accounted for nearly half of Indonesia’s smartphone shipments in 2012. Compare this with a global share of just 5.3 %. In India, the world’s second-largest mobile phone market, BlackBerry ranks third after Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Nokia.

RIM has re-designed and built the two new mobile phones with an objective to provide an exceptional user experience and making it beneficial for both consumers and enterprise application users.

Key Features of BlackBerry 10

It comes with an ‘all touch’ (BlackBerry Z10) and combination of ‘touch and non-touch’ (BlackBerry Q10) interface. The devices comprise of modern design, neat look and responsive display.

Some of the enterprise capabilities supported by the BlackBerry 10 platform are:

1. High Tech Screen Technology & High Density Pixel – Sharp, Clear display and high resolution images supported

2. High Speed – Available on high speed carriers. BlackBerry Z10 on 4G LTE and BlackBerry Q10 on HSPA+ networks

3. BlackBerry 10 Browser – Faster browsing experience, multiple tabs for accessing sites, scrolling & zooming is responsive, includes reader mode and allows users to share content quickly

4. Adaptive Keyboard – Understands user inputs and responds with options to help user type faster

5. BlackBerry Messenger – Allows users to chat instantly. Includes voice and video chat options and ability to share files instantly

6. Screen Share – Users can share their screen during video chat with another BlackBerry 10 user

7. BlackBerry Hub – Centralized location to manage all exchanges such as emails (work and personal), social media updates, notifications, BBM messages etc.

8. BlackBerry Flow – Phone features are tied seamlessly with the applications. Example: With single tap on the name (in contact list) will navigate user to get more details about the person (such as social media profile)

9. BlackBerry Safeguard Technology – Ensures security of critical files and data

10. BlackBerry Balanced Technology – High data security enabled by segregating personal and official information

11. Platform Integration (for email and other enterprise mobility management capabilities) – (i). In-Built Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connector allows secure exchange of work emails and like any other ActiveSync devices across the organization. (ii). Integrated with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10

12. Camera Features – Time Shift allows users to click a neat group photograph and Story Maker  stitches the photos and videos together along with music and effects to create a movie

13. BlackBerry Remember – Helps manage tasks, track projects, list down ideas, assign timeline for activities, collect data from external sites, update spreadsheets, documents, presentations, synchronize tasks with MS outlook calendar etc.

14. BlackBerry World Storefront – An application store with 70K BlackBerry 10 Apps available at present

In additional to compelling features, phone is handy, consists of multiple carrying and charging solutions.

Is it Enterprise Mobility Compatible?

BlackBerry 10 comprises of comprehensive set of features and functionality for work environment. If coupled with precise enterprise applications, it has the advantage to be the right device for enterprise mobility solutions.

Today, BYOD concept is a concern for IT decision makers. The new BlackBerry 10 platform which has the ability to segregate personal content and official information and with trusted security provided will be more attractive for enterprises to invest in this device for their employees.

With new features built into the Blackberry platform, improvement in usability, availability of 70,000 applications already in BlackBerry App Store and with BlackBerry balanced technology enabled, will also inspire mobile users to purchase the device for their personal use, downloading consumer applications at the same time at work with enterprise applications installed.

Another approach that we find RIM doing right is that, they are targeting Canada, UK, Asia (India and Indonesia), Middle East markets and not necessarily the U.S. only. This in our opinion is a good strategy as these emerging markets hold the key mobile phone volumes going forward.

It will be interesting to watch the usage of BlackBerry 10 smartphones worldwide this year. With the new design, innovative technology embedded and the rich user interface, it is expected to bring in some light for RIM. Nevertheless, adding value to the dynamic mobile ecosystem and landscape.

Kavyanidhi Narayan,
Marketing Manager


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