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Business Process Automation

Automating Business Processes for Better Efficiency & Reduced Cost

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Business Process Automation

Enterprises across industries are getting on the automation wagon to automate data-intensive, time-consuming, repetitive processes and to streamline key business operations, resulting in reduced operating expense, enhance productivity and improve operational efficiency. Emerging technologies like Robotics Process Automation, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront of bringing in the next wave of innovation.

At RapidValue, we work with organizations to build innovative automated solutions for your front office, back office and support functions. Our business process automation solutions provide reduced operating expense, enhanced productivity and improved operational efficiency. We help organizations to deploy intelligent software systems that mimic human actions. These intelligent systems learn existing applications for processing transactions, processing data and communicating with other systems. From robotic process automation to building chatbots, we offer a wide range of business process automation solutions and services powered by cognitive technologies.

Key Offerings

Consulting and Digital Roadmap Development

Application Development

Machine Learning and Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Development of Intelligent Automation Mapping Ecosystem


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is dramatically transforming the core of every business impacting almost everything from productivity, business efficiency and operational costs. RapidValue is helping businesses across industries with innovative RPA solutions. We help you reduce processing time from weeks to few minutes, save costs up to 80% and enhance customer satisfaction significantly. From customized offerings to process level solutions to cognitive enabled smart systems, RapidValue can integrate RPA with transformational technologies to create automated intelligent enterprise systems.

Key Offerings
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KYC Process Automated using RPA


RapidValue provides full cycle of chatbot`s development services from designing, engineering to testing and support. We follow best practices and tools which lead to developing smart, fast, and easy to scale chatbots. Some of the leading financial services and insurance firms have partnered with us to build and deploy chatbots. Through chatbots businesses can conduct right-fit/right-time conversations to answer the question or issues at hand, deliver meaningful offers, and make everyday engagement easier, faster, and more convenient.

~52% savings in Opex
90% reduction in response time
39% increase in customer care efficiency
24X7 anytime, anywhere availability

Oracle RPA Automation

With RPA you can automate the key business processes of Oracle ERP and modernize your legacy processes. RapidValue has a strong and experienced team of RPA solution architects and developers who provide end-to-end solution with strategic consulting throughout the process and extend all support. To know more about how certified RPA experts, with deep domain expertise, identify and strategize the key processes in the Oracle Application where RPA can be implemented, please click here: Oracle RPA Solutions

IoT Services & Solutions for
Smart Automation

RapidValue's end-to-end IoT Solutions enable enterprises leverage the power of connected devices, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced efficiency. We help you achieve smart service automation using the intelligence of connected ecosystem. Our self-learning IoT-based smart asset management solution called AsseteZe enables businesses create intelligent assets, provides brilliant operations and increases return on assets.

Automated Underwriting Decisions in Seconds
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Automated Underwriting Decisions in Seconds

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