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Financial Planning App using AI & Gamification

Financial Planning App using AI & Gamification

A new way to save money using artificial intelligence and gamification for an innovative Fintech product firm providing loan origination and handling platform.

A fintech startup needed to create an app that was better than their fierce competitors in India. With no knowledge base and major technology limitations, they trusted RapidValue to get them results in just eight months. Their app is changing the way Indian bank account owners think about saving money by using pioneering technology and an incentivized gamification strategy to help them save  money through using the app. They were not only first to market in India for this financial solution, but the initial public response has been overwhelmingly positive.

We helped an emerging fintech startup build India’s first app to save money.

To beat the fierce competition in the fintech space, we worked with this firm to develop a solution that went financially deeper than anyone else has ever gone before. And in parallel, we created a product using artificial intelligence and automation that made better decisions for their customers with little to no interaction. To win the market, we couldn’t just build an app that was beautiful. It needed to be smarter, scale as new users join, and most importantly, secure.

“The RapidValue team proved time and time again that they were up to the technology challenge that we presented them. If there is a team that could deliver under this kind of pressure, it was them” says CEO of the company.

Financial Planning App using AI & Gamification

We built an automated AI platform to make decisions at the transaction level (deeper than any fintech platform on the market).

In the onset of the project we were told that another competitor was already in the space. However, we counseled the company on a method that would help guide users to make smarter decisions automatically using AI. This enhanced the user experience and helped to ensure that users actually achieved results using the fintech app. The app shows users a dashboard that allows them to see their progress in savings, however we wanted to push deeper.

In order to drive user incentivization, we helped the fintech company create a consent-based gamification model which is revolutionizing the way users think about saving. Instead of saving money in a vacuum, we wanted users to feel in control of their finances and the rewards of their efforts. We automated the user experience based on bank-level history which goes deeper than anyone else. Their competitors are all manual-entry only. More automation coupled with a proactive saving module using gamification means the app will scale and help its users get results faster than their competitors.

We led the process to build an innovative product while adhering to the Reserve Bank of India’s strict financial rules and regulations.

We built technology that allowed the fintech company to link bank accounts across multiple platforms and help its users leverage the dormant power sitting in their savings accounts. We were also able to work with multiple banks to empower the users to connect all of their accounts across multiple banks. There were two key features that we needed to address in order to create a successful mobile app: security and scalability.

When we were contacted by the fintech company, they were clear about what they needed in a development partner. We needed to adhere to the Reserve Bank of India’s strict guidelines, anything less than full compliance wouldn’t cut it. Our team has helped financial institutions become innovative and reach new markets in countries around the world, so we were ready for the challenge. The only caveat was that they needed the app to be trendy enough to meet the needs of the emerging Millennial market.

This was our biggest challenge in working with the company, and yet we were able to rise to the challenge. In the end, we provided them with an app that was sleek enough to appeal to a younger audience, while still meeting the very precise regulations of the Reserve Bank of India. On our end, we made sure that all of the application programming interfaces were set up (API) individually. We also helped them handle and manage the backend security to make sure that all APIs were secure for integration. Both our compliance and creative teams were utilized to the fullest extent in order to provide this breakthrough technology.


While only being on the market for a short period of time, the app already has over 50 reviews with a 4.5 average rating. This is just the beginning.

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