Digitizing Legacy Systems with Scalable Architecture

Digitizing Legacy Systems with Scalable Architecture

About Client

The client is a popular electronic toll services provider in the United States, partnered with rental car agencies. The customer is the largest provider of toll services for the rental car industry in the United States. They process more than 170 million electronic toll collection transactions with data from, both transponder-based and license-plate-based video tolling. They handle the tolling interests of more than 1.7 million vehicles and offer comprehensive solutions.

Digitizing Legacy Systems with Scalable Architecture


The client was using an older version of the software that was not scalable and was facing problems with adding new customers into their system, once they had reached the limit. This, in turn, was resulting in severe revenue loss. The customer was using an application built on .Net, running on SQL Server for providing their toll services. They registered over a million vehicles and onboarding any new customer eventually, became a huge task. They started having system failures and had to modify the entire system to add even a single customer. The customer realized that their systems were not scalable and they began looking for an experienced partner who could solve this problem for them. They wanted a solution provider who had the expertise working on Microsoft technology and cloud engineering services.

Digitizing Legacy Systems with Scalable Architecture


RapidValue re-engineered the complete infrastructure (legacy systems and applications) that the client had been using previously, with Microsoft Technologies. The new solution provided the client with unlimited scalability, along with additional features and functionality like centralized management, BizTalk integration, workflow management and accessibility on mobile at any time, from anywhere.

The solution included:

  • Technology roadmap creation – strategy consultants from RapidValue created the roadmap and provided recommendations on digital transformation.
  • Re-engineering of the application – the entire code was re-written and modernized, using Microsoft .NET.
  • Cloud migration – The systems were migrated from Rackspace to Microsoft Azure to provide unlimited scalability.
  • BizTalk integration as a service – Integrated disparate applications and data to the cloud, leveraging new application service capabilities.
  • Workflow management –provided an infrastructure that would Alert, Monitor, Audit and Report (AMAR) the client’s entire workflow. These enabled to quickly identify and rectify any problems in the system.
Digitizing Legacy Systems with Scalable Architecture


Some of the technical benefits achieved for the client are:

  • High scalability – the clients concern of scalability is solved. The new system allows them to add large number of users into the system, without system failure.
  • High availability – the data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through mobile devices.
  • Centralized management – the workflow of the entire system can be controlled and managed from a centralized location.
  • Higher profits – the new system enables the customer to stop the losses that they were incurring due to slow registrations and system failures. Thus, resulting in higher profits for the customer.
  • Long-term customer engagement – there are multiple project deployments, across devices.
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