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Fintech Digital Transformation

Fintech Digital Transformation

How we helped a Fintech leader create a new product line, implement a customer success team, and ultimately drive new product revenue.

If you’ve ever deposited a check using your phone, chances are you’ve interacted with this Fintech leader.

The client is a San Francisco based IT identity management & document capture company who services large banks and corporations. They are the largest check capture and identity management company in the world. Their services are utilized by document capture, check capture, signature authorization companies, as well as other financial and government institutions who need ID capture for driver’s license, passports, and other secure documents. Their client roster consists of more than 3,500 banks, including heavy weights such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan all the way down to much smaller credit unions.

We made it easier to securely integrate with 3,500+ financial institutions. It started with improving the accuracy of the core product.

Our client is the largest IT identity management and check capture companies in the world, however, their check capture accuracy was less than ideal for their major clients. As a company that serviced the likes of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, anything less than near perfect wouldn’t cut it. They brought our team of technologists and practitioners to help simplify the integration between their core systems and 3,500 and growing financial institutions.

We helped them with end-to-end product integration from front-end development and product creation, to backend support and certification, which helped them with two key areas : core product and backend solutions. During our more than 5-year client relationship we’ve helped them with improving their core product, and creating a robust back-end solution to help them scale to more institutions securely.

One of the major problems that we helped them solve was increasing the accuracy of their check capture software as they scaled. During our time working with them, our solutions far exceeded the standard service level agreements, making our relationship very successful. We were able to deliver these results through working with their team to set up a consultative help protocol coupled with enhanced integration.

Fintech Digital Transformation

We set up a professional services arm and implemented a customer success team. We made their best customers love them even more.

Sometimes technology needs a human touch. Our professional services tech team interacts with this Fintech company’s top clients to ensure that the SDK is integrated properly with their mobile application so that the results their clients achieve are always optimal.

The key to the success of the customer success team was a three-pronged approach to implementation.

1. We focused on process review in order to establish that the SDK works properly with each of their new clients, and that the application works correctly with the integration.

2. We do a code review which ensure that the code is precisely integrated and that the application is running flawlessly.

3. We set up a system for Q & A and a custom-built certification process.

Our consulting services helped to improve the core product’s SDK to integrate with more systems, which means more new clients can flawlessly integrate.

Team RapidValue helped the Fintech leader generate new revenue through the creation of a new product certification service.

We set up a new line of product certification which the client was able to charge for, which allowed them to increase their revenue.
This was a new product arm for the client, which they did not have prior to their work with us. In addition to the certification process, our professional services arm also ensures that all data goes into the right systems which is a key component of making sure that all applications perform up to spec. One of the key services that RapidValue offers are product development services in which we work diligently with companies to help them set up and manage their professional services department.

We ensured tight end-to-end security integration.

We ensured that we were aligned with the high-level security processes of this Fintech leader’s major clients and we understand how to process some of the most secure data on the planet. We know what the best in class data security protocols are, because we’ve experienced them all directly. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the course of the past five years, similar to this client, including working within some of the top financial institutions security protocols. We continue to work with this Fintech leader and their growing client base.

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