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Faster Product Innovation using Professional Services

Faster Product Innovation using Professional Services

RapidValue has enabled us to develop our products more cost-effectively and faster than doing it on our own. I expected some bumps when we transitioned to working with a new company, but we had even fewer bumps than I expected. Our entire management team is impressed with the work that RapidValue has delivered.

– CIO, a renowned Fintech player

We helped the client build a framework for current and future success

The client is a fast-growing SaaS platform for the financial services industry and was recognized as one of the top Fintech players.

In early 2018, top 10 private equity firm invested millions in the client. They are growing as a mid-sector Fintech startup, and have achieved strong growth and much recognition of their success as a company. With over 100 employees, a solid product line, and strong executive leadership, they needed more functionality and more development resources for their products to meet the demands of bigger clients.

Through our partnership, we were able to expand their product lines more rapidly and deliver their leading-edge solution for their top clients.

Faster Product Innovation using Professional Services

We quickly expanded the client’s development capabilities with our product engineers

Our work with the client started implementation of a strong team, both onsite and offshore. We were able to help them on-board 20 employees as a compliment to their existing technology team, much faster than anticipated. This helped them strengthen their team in a big way.

As a result, they have expanded from working with the mid-sector market to now working with some of the largest banks in the country.

So, how were we able to help the client accomplish so much in such a short period of time?

We are helping the client get quality software to market faster with our award-winning test automation software suite

For a majority of our clients, building the application is the easy part. Testing and pushing to market is where many projects struggle.

We worked with the client to build a suite of automated test cases. This allowed them to do more rigorous testing without the hassle of creating manual test cases and bringing on ad-hoc resources to set up testing.

We used our award-winning testing tool AccuRate. AccuRate is an all-in-one solution for test automation across various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Web) and desktop browsers in real-time. It includes 600+ pre-built functions for mobile and web automation which leverages open-source tools like Appium, Selenium, and Protractor.

This resulted in significantly more confidence during the User Acceptance Testing and allowed the client to get to market faster than before.

Faster Product Innovation using Professional Services

What does the future hold for the client and RapidValue?

The client continues to grow and we are actively engaged in a multi-year, long-term arrangement to fuel that growth.

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