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High Quality Delivery with Extended Offshore
Development Team

High Quality Delivery with Extended Offshore <br>Development Team

We helped the client to quickly ramp up their development team to complete product development on time.

The client is an England based identity document validation solutions company serving small to large clients. Their specialities include identity document validation, right to work, pre-employment document scanning,retrospective checking service, helpdesk, cloud-based identity checks,mobile identity validation, and right to rent.

The client needed assistance in setting up an extended development team which would be completely offshore. They wanted the extended team to support their identity validation solution initiatives. They were looking for a team who can understand their business objectives and deliver quality solutions within the committed time frame.

We extended the client’s development team which could be scaled up and down on-demand based on the client’s requirements.

High Quality Delivery with Extended Offshore <br>Development Team

We completely took over the product development responsibilities from the client.

The client had a tight timeline to complete their priorities in their product development roadmap. They were a small team with very limited skillset and were unlikely to complete the product development within the agreed timeline as committed to the board of directors.

To add to their agony, they also had a limited budget for IT spends. It would be very difficult and expensive to hire more resources with specific and new age skillsets such as AI or ML.

Also, the client had to provide Level 2 support for 600+ clients with their limited resources, which was a challenge in itself.

That is when we came to the client’s rescue. We completely took away the product development from the client and provided a core team of five members sitting offshore. We placed a Business Analyst at the client’s location for four weeks to smoothen the transition phase after which the BA joined the offshore team.


High Quality Delivery with Extended Offshore <br>Development Team

The client got a team they could ramp up or down on-demand.

We provided the client with a large pool of resources with various skillsets whom they could deploy based on their business objectives. To successfully extend the client’s team, we implemented our proprietary TEA engagement model. The TEA engagement model consist of three phases: Transition Phase, Execution Phase and Acceleration Phase.

The TEA engagement model compiled with our industry knowledge and experience in building similar solutions helped us to quickly provide support to our client. The time taken for knowledge transfer was very short and we could ramp up the team based on the requirement planned for each sprint.

Engagement Model

High Quality Delivery with Extended Offshore <br>Development Team

The client was eventually able to predict their budget and plan accordingly.

Our focused sprint planning helped the client to predict their budget. Having an extended team offshore freed up a lot of budget which could be used elsewhere. Also, we agreed to provide level 2 support to their 600+ clients which allowed their in-house team to completely focus on their existing product. Having a business analyst onsite allowed for a smooth transition phase and made it easier to manage code reviews and architecture designs. We have now become a trusted partner for product development for the client.

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