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Mobile Strategy Partner

Mobile Strategy Partner

How we helped a leading healthcare provider in Florida implement their mobile strategy and enabled them to provide superior information, more efficiency and better satisfaction to their consumers.

The client is a high quality healthcare services provider in South Florida. Founded in 1953, it is now one of the largest public healthcare systems in the United States and is highly regarded for its exceptional patient and family-centered care.

We made it easier to connect thousands of patients to hundreds of physicians quickly and efficiently.

Our client being one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States receive thousands of patients every day. They wanted a system that would help patients connect with their doctors efficiently. We started by developing a mobile application that provides patients with the ability to connect 24/7 with a doctor and get diagnosed online for non-emergency cases. Patients could schedule appointments with physicians, they could search for physicians based on keywords, location or specialty and securely communicate with the doctor.

We are providing consumers a direct connection to doctors and the ability to access immediate care by taking advantage of today’s technologies. It is an easy to use applications for consumers, and more importantly, access to healthcare anytime, anywhere.

– Administrative Director, Client.

The application became an instant success and is currently rated 4.9 in the App Store and 4.5 in the Google Play Store.

Mobile Strategy Partner

How we became a trusted Mobile Strategy Partner for the Client.

After the successful launch of the first application, the client had plans to make further endeavors in digitalization. They wanted remote patient monitoring for cardiac patients, ER patient stroke evaluation and treatment through smart devices, virtual pediatric dermatology consults physician-to-physician and home health monitoring. Future strategies also included disease-based caregiver connection and post-hospital follow up.

Our impressive work with the first application was so appreciated by the client that they continued working with us on 4 more applications. This was when our team indicated that the current point-to-point system, that the client had, would not be scalable in the future. Potential reuse of integration would get missed out and maintenance of the whole system would be both time consuming and expensive.

The need for a cohesive digital strategy was imperative. Our Consulting team devised a new strategy to tackle this challenge. They recommended a “User Hub Approach” for the client’s key stakeholders. We developed and implemented an employee hub and a consumer hub for the client.

Using a Mobile Hub was a great way to start a mobile backend project because it abstracts away the complexity of configuring a new service. For example, you might have an authentication service that’s common to all of your applications. You don’t want to set up a new authentication service for each mobile app. To know more about the User Hub Approach, contact RapidValue.

Adopting the “User Hub Approach” gave the following benefits to the client:

Quicker time to market.

Existing apps were reused within the hub.

Platform agnostic.

Enhanced security with integrated application authentication.

Native apps with better user experience.

Streamlined way to measure user engagement, analytics and insights.

We set up a Dedicated Competency Center for the client, to provide mobile and digital technology expertise making us the strategic partner of the client. We are now the client’s go-to partner for any Digital project. We are also involved in a project with the client’s pathology department on Next Gen Sequencing.

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