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Mobilizing 10,000+ Field Service Technicians

Mobilizing 10,000+ Field Service Technicians

About Client

Saudi Telecom is a leading provider of telecommunication services which includes landline, mobile, internet services, television and computer network services in Saudi Arabia.

Mobilizing 10,000+ Field Service Technicians


The client wanted to mobile enable their field service technicians. They wanted native (iOS and Android) applications which would integrate to Oracle EBS and a responsive web application with could be accessed through any device. The client wanted to develop an application which would enable their field technicians to view tickets, update, resolve tickets & ensure a timely response to their end customers.

The client also required an admin console for the managers. The admin would be able to optimize resources as per the location, schedule the resource and tasks assigned to technicians. The solution would also have security features like retag device user, wipe off device contents, force log off a user etc.

Mobilizing 10,000+ Field Service Technicians


  • RapidValue developed the solution using eQuipMe™ field service management module.
  • The solution includes a mobile app and a responsive web app for administration, integrated with Oracle EBS.
  • Field technicians can view the tasks assigned, customer information, pricing and order status.
  • Technicians can find the location of customers using maps and get suggestions on the best route to reach the destination.
  • Supervisors can manage tasks and schedule appointments based on availability of the resource via the web application.
  • Other features include capture notes, digital signature sign-off, video conferencing, customer feedback survey and confirmation code.
  • Admins can manage the user roles, territories, tasks and can locate and identify technicians in real-time via Google maps.
Mobilizing 10,000+ Field Service Technicians


  • Streamlined workflow – the tablet application is used by 10,000+ field service technicians and the web-based admin console is used by several managers.
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly UI – the app is loaded with features and is simple to use.
  • Faster decision making – efficient and quick communication between co-workers, customers and managers through video conferencing.
  • Resource and Route optimization – the ability for managers to view the location of technicians, while at the field, helps to optimize the resources.
  • Unicode support – the data is available in English and Arabic.
  • Secure access and integration – The users can securely access information available in Oracle EBS from their mobile/tablet device.
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