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Agile Automated Mobile Workforce Solution

Agile Automated Mobile Workforce Solution

How RapidValue helped Driscoll’s Berries mobilize their workforce with eQuipMe solution and services?

Driscoll’s Berries, a 200 year-old leading berry farm company, needed help replacing a paper-based warehousing solution for their employees for a more agile, mobile solution.

As a prominent berry farm, their employees have a lot of ground to cover on a daily basis. Between walking around fields, warehouses, and moving back and forth between inside and outdoors, it was apparent that data was going unaccounted for due to digital technology constraints. During the workday, their employees are called upon to manage a multitude of tasks, and process the data they collect in real-time. Because of the massive amount of ground they cover throughout a typical workday, they have no easy way to do core business activities (since they don’t always have reliable mobile access).

Driscoll’s had Oracle ERP implemented, however the out-of-the-box functionality for their mobile solutions wasn’t going to fit their needs. They needed a new solution, and they needed it fast. Everyday activities such as processing purchase orders, processing and analyzing real-time data, and tracking receivable goods were lagging. This was a problem for Driscoll’s that RapidValue was able to help cure. RapidValue was able to utilize equipMe™ technology in order to make certain these pain points were a thing of the past.

Agile Automated Mobile Workforce Solution

We mobilized their entire workforce with a unified, easy to use mobile solution customized to their needs.

Driscoll’s was struggling with processing their purchase requisitions. Its defined processes were taking too long. The warehouse team members were relying on paper, which made it easy to make mistakes, and easy to misplace. Placing orders for additional Material Requests were also very difficult.

We partnered with Driscoll’s to create a solution that utilized real-time, accurate data. RapidValue was able to implement these changes through the creation of a mobile app by utilizing the equipMe™ Suite Solution, which took paper out of the equation and simplified all of these processes for Driscoll’s. After working with RapidValue, Driscoll’s can now create all of their Purchase Orders (PO), Purchase Requisition (PR), and receive goods all through a mobile application that uses a streamlined barcode scanning system.

We increased employee productivity, effectiveness, and most importantly, enabled them to be agile.

The output of this project included 3 key wins:

  1. Employees made decisions quicker.
    RapidValue made it easier for the supply chain and warehouse team members to be more nimble. Taking out paper made the team’s ability to make quicker decisions, easier. In the past, warehouse and supply team members would have to fill out lengthy forms, make sure to keep them clean (while working on the farm), and still manage to get them in the hands of the right employee to file.
  2. Eliminating the paper distraction led to a streamlined and enhanced process. 
    Employees can rely on real-time, accurate data accessible from anywhere on the farm. Data accuracy is important, especially when it relates to real-time data processing, and updated inventories and delivery schedules. We created a custom barcode scanning solution so they can get information on any product in their inventory in real-time. Data accuracy skyrocketed after moving away from the endless paper trails that were plaguing Driscoll’s. This reduced the error rate, which made all of their employees feel more validated, more confident, and able to do better work.
  3. Employees can access key functions quicker.
    Employees used to have to sort through multiple tabs in order to find the right document to report daily tasks and keep track of everything they were doing. Eliminating paper reduced this need, and more importantly, the confusion that came with it.
    This increased the productivity of staff members and made their workday simpler, which led to better results and happier staff.
Agile Automated Mobile Workforce Solution

We delivered a fully - functional solution significantly faster than a custom solution would have taken.

Instead of kicking off a custom solution and developing every business requirement, we used functionalities of equipMe™ that not only covered a majority of their business requirements, but was already integrated with their Oracle ERP suite.

Driscoll’s was up and running with multiple mobile apps, securely integrated with Oracle, in a very short time frame. In addition to the standard functionality, we developed a custom barcode scanning solution that was part of the app on go-live, which allowed the team members to scan data into the system seamlessly. Driscoll’s continues to use equipMe™ to their advantage.

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