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Modernizing Program Asset Liability Administration System

Modernizing Program Asset Liability Administration System

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Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) is the second-largest television station operator in the United States operating a total of 173 stations across the country in over 100 markets.

Modernizing Program Asset Liability Administration System


‘PALAS’ is Program Asset Liability Administration System. It is a business system used by SBG to manage their programs, assets & liabilities. This is an internal system which is used by various departments of SBG – mainly finance & accounting. It was custom built in early 2000s and had to be modernized. To modernize, the system had to be created by starting with a new architecture, re-design and develop the entire system – databases, backend platform & front-end application.

Modernizing Program Asset Liability Administration System


RapidValue re-engineered the forecast module which has the option to schedule out for 5 years and link to a contract. It also, has the ability to extract the same information on reports module. You can shell reports and there is a full aggregation of program schedule extract by program/contract/time/station/market. Cost changes and amortization changes can be done by program, station, contract and date range.  After re-engineering, it has the ability to extract reports/information based on date ranges. Auditing and logging of user activity is searchable/ reportable. Reporting selection based on filters is available – network affiliation, station groups (custom made), program category, pre-empt value selected, acquisition, inactive, region.

Over all, RapidValue:

  • Re-engineered PALAS
    • Designed & developed existing modules of PALAS
    • Re-structured business logic
    • Conducted database optimization
  • Migrated separate instances of PALAS into one with a drop down option for easy accessibility.
  • Provided a mechanism that will allow a write off/good will factor to be divided among each station on the contract.
  • Provided an option to delete unwanted information or transfer information from one instance to another.
  • Enabled ‘search’ for users listed under PALAS software for the ADMIN user.
  • Enabled the feature to research stations within a market.
Modernizing Program Asset Liability Administration System


Some of the results achieved for SBG are:

  • Partnered with single enterprise services leader for end-to-end implementation.
  • Centralized application management for the finance and accounting teams.
  • Detailed reporting – full aggregated view of the programs with filtering options and report of ‘history of changes’.
  • Security – Strict rules enabled for admin control of programs and stations.
  • High accessibility – application made available across various web browsers.
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