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Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments

Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments

How did the world’s largest Terex crane dealer improve their operating margins by moving their operations to the cloud and adopting our digital transformation roadmap?

With more than 3500 assets spread over 14 locations and more than 2500+ jobsites, the client had been experiencing high growth. However, they realizedthat it was important to establish a digital transformation roadmap to helpthem compete more effectively in an increasingly challenging economicenvironment. Their disconnected systems, manual error-prone processes andlack of operational visibility resulted in inaccurate billing and lost revenue.They collaborated with RapidValue to drive company-wide application ofdigital technology which in turn would help control and bring together theexisting disparate systems within its business process.

Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments

How did we do it?

Digital Strategy

Our strategy to help our client to embark on a digital transformation journeycould be split into four key points as follows:

1) Strategize: Consulting assessment to understand their business andprocess challenges, objectives and devise a technology roadmap.

2) Design: Designing multi-tenant cloud-based architecture, DevOpsroadmap, database, UI/UX and scalable secure infrastructure.

3) Engineer: Implementing the two-year roadmap with agiledevelopment, DevOps, automated testing and cloud hosting.

4) Innovate: Partnering with them on business transformation initiativeswith cutting edge technology solutions like IoT solutions.

Engineering Excellence

The business consulting team at RapidValue evaluated and assessed the enterprise infrastructure and prepared the digital transformation roadmap. This involved the assessment of functional business process technology and infrastructure for which the team studied the entire order-to-cash process, the systems  involved and the current IT infrastructure. Our focus was on digitizing processes, creating a unified customer experience, DevOps and automation, and on developing connected products. The idea was to build an end-to-end business process solution where there is one centralized solution for all departments. The team decided to streamline the business process flow by eliminating the manual processes involved and integrating the systems to function as one system.

Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments

Execution excellence

Going by the recommendation of our technology consultants, it was decided to employ mobile and web employment technology.

The plan of action was as follows:

Shifting to the cloud: A unified portal that would be accessible from the web or mobile was hosted on cloud using Microsoft Azure. RapidValue implemented the entire solution which included UI design, application development, integration, and testing.

Efficiency through Multi-tenant architecture: The portal that is hosted in a highly scalable cloud environment allows multiple users to access the portal simultaneously. Multi-tenant architecture provides solutions to other businesses through a Saas based pay-per-user model.

Offering support from A to Z: The account management team at RapidValue worked with the client’s team throughout the engineering and deployment process.

Remote Asset Tracking of Rental Equipments

What did we achieve?

Going by our digital transformation roadmap we were able to achieve the following:

Process Optimization: Real-time availability of reports and instant notifications led to a highly optimized business process. 

Improved Productivity and Asset Utilization: With the decrease in time for the order-to-cash process, productivity and efficiency increased. Real-time tracking of assets through GPS ensures optimum asset utilization and in turn results in increasing turnover.

Information Accessibility and Better Customer Satisfaction: The portal is accessible on the web from any device (desktop/mobile/tablet) since it is hosted on the cloud. Better accessibility and faster processing time lead to improved customer satisfaction.

New Revenue Generation Model: The multi-tenant architectural solution provided SaaS based pay-per-user deployment model for their peers which added to the new revenue-generating option.

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