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Responsive Web-based Portal
Solution using Intrexx

Responsive Web-based Portal <br> Solution using Intrexx

How we helped a client move from manual paper based processes to automated digital processes.

The client is a global semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Netherlands. It employs over 1250 people worldwide and focuses on mobile broadband, aerospace, defense and RF energy products.

For all approvals the client was using paper forms which the applicant had to manually fill in and then submit to the concerned department. The form  then had to be physically moved from one desk to another for verification and approval. This took a lot of time and was not transparent at all. A delay in getting approval also delayed business critical tasks and employees were not happy. It was also impacting the productivity and there was loss of opportunity as the approval sometimes never came on time.

Furthermore, the details had to be then manually entered into the SAP ERP system. The entire system had become a quagmire of delays and errors. The client needed a different approach and they needed it fast.

Responsive Web-based Portal <br> Solution using Intrexx

We developed a responsive web-based portal solution using the Intrexx platform customized to the client’s needs.

The client wanted to completely move away from paper-based systems and model their business processes digitally. To digitalize and automate their manual paper based processes, RapidValue designed and developed a responsive web-based portal solution using the Intrexx platform. The web-portal was launched in a very short time and was completely customized as per the requirements of the client. The solution being responsive allowed users to be able to access the portal from any device be it a smartphone, tablet or pc/mac. The portal is also infinitely expandable, allowing the client to add as many users as they want.

The Intrexx platform was chosen as it provided substantial advantage conducive to the client. The figure below illustrates some of the major advantages of using Intrexx.

We improved employee productivity, effectiveness, and most importantly, enabled them to be agile.

Digitalizing the procedures provided the client with two considerable advantages:

       – Greater transparency

       – Noticeable improvement in process speeds.

The web-portal was integrated with their existing SAP system. This enabled data to be generated live from SAP and written back into SAP from the portal application. This ensured that the processing/approval status can be tracked at any time giving a greater level of transparency. Also, the solution resulted in large  reductions in workload for the office workers. Now, the superior receives n email, clicks on a link and the request is already approved. This allows the client saves paper, time and particularly labor costs.

Potential for the future is great!

To quickly summarize the benefits that the client derived out of this engagement:

        – Web-portal was introduced very quickly.

        – It was tailored to the individual procedures.

        – Reductions in workload thanks to digitalized processes.

        – Simplified information exchange between locations.

        – Greater transparency and increased process speeds.

There was great acceptance of the portal by the client’s employees. The employees can now find all of the required functions and information at any time and place in the web portal. This made the client very happy with our work as we greatly exceeded their initial expectation. We continue to work with the client to modernize and improve their other IT systems.

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