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Social Community App Leveraging Cloud Services and Big Data

Social Community App Leveraging Cloud Services and Big Data

About Client

The client is a start-up, product development firm providing a social networking platform. It is headquartered in the United States and has operations in Europe. It is the world’s first online community rooted in the principles of paying it forward, and showing love and respect to personal connections, acquaintances.

Social Community App Leveraging Cloud Services and Big Data


Being a new age start-up, the client wanted to build a social community application for consumers to connect with family and friends. They wanted to implement an application, which would connect large number of users (over 200 million). They wanted a technology partner with strong expertise in both, mobility and big data. The objective of building the application was to engage and encourage users to be connected to each other.

As per the client, the solution had to be the best-in-class social networking application, which should be compelling, have a user-friendly User Interface and must deliver high performance. The hosted platform should be able to scale-up, seamlessly to handle new users, who are added daily.

Social Community App Leveraging Cloud Services and Big Data


RapidValue had implemented a social media application for the client, which allows over a million users to connect with their friends and family. This application allows users to create profile, send messages, upload images, share videos and photos, select greeting messages/images from templates and add comments. The application leveraged Cassandra database, search engines and Big Data. Cassandra was recommended by RapidValue for this project, since it provided better results for large data handling.

Services provided are:

  • Designed and developed the simple user interface.
  • Build the solution architecture and application.
  • Integrated with search engines and Big Data streaming, such as Kinesis.
  • Integrated with Cassandra, Spark (Big Data analytics) and Solar (Search indexing).
  • Tested and QA certified the application (manual and automated), load and performance.
  • Provided security vulnerability scanning.
  • The application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for on-demand scaling.
Social Community App Leveraging Cloud Services and Big Data


Winner of Mobilewebaward 2015 by Web Marketing Association for outstanding achievement in mobile development.

Some of the technical benefits achieved are:

  • High performance & high speed – the solution supports in-built caching mechanism and processes 70-80 terabytes of data in fraction of a second. Eventually, 2 terabytes of data will be added every month.
  • Distributed network – supports distribution of servers, across geographies (Europe and the United States).
  • Robust integration – unified integration between Cassandra and Spark.
  • Seamless scale-up – The solution supports the adding of as many users as required, eventually, without any issues. It also, supports over 1 million users which will scale-up to over 200 million.
  • Enabling AWS – supports Simple Notification Service (SNS), a push messaging service for a simple and cost-effective method to push messages to mobile devices and distributed services. The solution also, supports Simple Queue Service (SQS) which provides fast, reliable, scalable and fully managed message queuing service.
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