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Subscription Renewal Platform On AWS
Microservices Architecture

Subscription Renewal Platform On AWS <br>Microservices Architecture

Our client is a London based subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist. The client wanted to provide a consistently positive customer experience through improved interactions, guided by data-led insights at every stage of the customer journey.  They wanted to streamline their processes, and use analytics so that their content recommendations are better informed, and each engagement is more personalized. Overall, the client wanted a robust platform to support their next generation of growth and provide a superior level of service and experience to their customers.

Subscription Renewal Platform On AWS <br>Microservices Architecture

Building a scalable subscription renewal platform using Microservices Architecture deployed on AWS Cloud.

After research and requirement gathering conducted by our technology consultants, RapidValue’s product engineering team began creating the Java Spring Boot microservices enabled subscription renewal platform for the client’s users in the pay per view model. We designed, developed and documented the microservices and API specifications along with the development of a Master Data Management (MDM) system. The MDM system was built on Amazon DynamoDB.

To control user access across services AWS Cognito was used. The microservices API was integrated and deployed on Amazon EC2 instances. The subscription platform is also integrated with payment gateway for online payments.

RapidValue also provided testing support, to ensure the quality of  microservice driven application.

AWS services used:

  •  Amazon DynamoDB – Customer details like (id, first name, last name and email address) are stored in DynamoDB.
  • Amazon Cognito – Amazon Cognito is used for authentication of users. User credentials are stored through an authentication service in AWS cognito.
  • Amazon EC2 – Microservices are deployed on Amazon EC2 instances.
Subscription Renewal Platform On AWS <br>Microservices Architecture

Faster time-to-market delivering immediate business value.

  • Effortless subscriber management – Manage and support subscribers effortlessly.
  • Safe and easy payments – Process payments anytime, anywhere, in multiple currencies.
  • Quick time-to-market – Quickly launch services to get to market faster and deliver immediate value.
  • Easy integration – Easily integrate with global online video platforms and international payment providers.
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